PNB Knowledge Centre Login Process Full Guide

The PNB Knowledge Centre is an online portal of the Punjab National Bank. This portal is intended for usage by the employees of the National Bank of Punjab. This article explains how to login on the official PNB Knowledge Centre website and the full procedure to do it.

The job of this system is to centralize the needs for payroll, payroll processing and also the keeping of personnel records. The PNB Knowledge Centre offers a variety of functions and features such as attendance, training management, personnel management information system, performance appraisal, employee selection and promotion system, management of absences and self-service for employees. In addition to the calculation, it can also be used for the automatic payment process and the management of absences. This system itself distinguishes the different deductions and also generates payslips.

PNB Knowledge Centre Login

In the event that an employee would like to take a vacation to PNB, they can easily submit a vacation using PNB Knowledge Centre Login. Moreover, after logging into PNB Knowledge Centre Online, an employee can even view their assets and liabilities, performance reviews, fuel allowances, and some other facility information.


PNB Knowledge Centre Login

Now let me walk you through how to log into the PNB Knowledge Centre.

It is useful for centralizing payroll and keeping personnel records. The system also offers a wide variety of different useful functions and processes. The few functions include attendance, performance review, training management, personnel management information system, personnel selection and promotion system, absence management, and self-service. Employees.

In this system, the accounting module automates the payment process by collecting employee data. The system also calculates various deductions and generates accounting reports. PNB employees can easily submit online vacations, performance reviews, assets and liabilities, gasoline allowances, and a few other facilities.

HRMS is the central point of access and management that provides a flexible and rigid framework for the delivery of various services. PNB employees have access to the PNB Knowledge Centre to view various data. If you are a PNB employee, you must be familiar with HRMS.

pnb knowledge centre login

PNB Knowledge Centre Register

As an employee, there is no direct way to register in this portal. If you want to get your registered login details, you have to contact your local bank manager to gain full access to Punjab National Bank Knowledge Centre as an employee. If the manager asks for any documents or necessary information do submit it.

Steps for doing PNB Knowledge Centre Login

  • Visit the official website for PNB HRMS special services Enter the User ID / PF Number and Password. Click the login button after entering the credentials.
  • You will now have complete access to the information available on the website, namely results, broadcast / publication and results, internal notices / bulletin board and payslips / advertising.
  • If you have not received the username and password to gain access to PNB HRMS as an employee, please contact the location head branch manager or the bank manager. You must provide your employee’s details along with other important documents or information.
  • The data will be used to create an account in the system and you will be given the user ID with password to log in.

Now let us see how to do a password reset in the portal if you are having login issues:

How can I reset / forget the password in the Punjab National Bank Knowledge Centre?

If you have forgotten your login details for the Knowledge Centre, you can forget your password. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the official website of the PNB Knowledge Centre by visiting

Step 2: Now you can see different options such as financial results and sign up option

Step 3: Now click on Forgot password

Step 4: Now a new window will appear

Step 5: Now enter your username and click on Generate OTP

Step 6: Now on the next screen enter your OTP and this will complete the process of resetting the password.


This was all about PNB Knowledge Centre Login and related registration and password reset. Follow the above steps and I am confident that you will be able to login successfully. If you have got any questions or help related to PNB Knowledge Centre, feel free to contact us. Keep visiting our site for more related article.