Navigating Volatile Markets: The Role of Guaranteed Return Plans in Investment Strategies

ICICI bank

Life is a journey marked by uncertainties, and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of finance. The markets can be as unpredictable as the weather, with highs and lows that can send even the most seasoned investors on a roller coaster ride….

Freelancing Full-Time? 5 Personal Finance Moves

5 Personal Finance Moves

Thinking of transitioning into full-time freelancing? You’re among many others who have already taken the leap. With 36% of the US workforce now comprising freelancers, this number is predicted to rise further. Freelancing can provide benefits such as a customizable work schedule, autonomy over your…

Sheela Foam’s Acquisition of Kurlon Strengthens Market Position and Boosts Growth Prospects

Sheela foams

Key Points: Sheela Foam’s acquisition of Kurlon Enterprises is expected to significantly improve its market share in South and East India, augmenting its overall position in the mattress segment from 20-25% to 35-40%. The business economics of Kurlon are attractive, with a pre-COVID net margin…

How to compare roofing company quotes and make a choice

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Imagine you’ve decided to take that much-needed vacation to Muskoka, and you’re trying to decide between two tour companies. One is more expensive but gives a more luxurious experience, while the other is cheaper but still gives a good tour. Comparing their prices is a…

The pros and cons of day trading stocks in the UAE

trading stocks

Day trading stocks in the UAE have become increasingly popular over the last decade. With a rapidly growing economy and a vibrant financial sector, day traders have found many lucrative opportunities to make money in the stock markets of the United Arab Emirates. However, just…

Investing in penny stocks: high risk, high reward?

Investing in penny stocks: high risk, high reward?

Making money in the stock market can be tricky, and penny stocks are one of the most misunderstood investments. With their low price point and heavily-traded nature, becoming successful with penny stocks requires careful research and planning. However, it is possible to optimise your chances…

Automated Debt Collection for Your Business

Automated debt collection systems offer various advantages, such as increased flexibility and scalability for businesses, improved accuracy and accuracy for customers, and faster turnaround times for debt collections. Automated debt collection for banks also provides improved data security by reducing the risk of errors or…