HRMS Odisha : How to Login, Register Mobile Number & More

Odisha State Government has set up an online portal for Odisha Government employees to provide their services. This portal of HRMS Odisha is specially designed to provide data on payroll, hiring procedures, login updates, employees and other HR related services. Today we will cover all the basic details such as how to login, register mobile number, etc. So, let us start.


What is HRMS Odisha?

The portal was created to meet employee needs such as payroll, loans, deductions and complaints. You can visit the Odisha HRMS official website using the link The software was introduced by the state government for personnel, business and data management. The system helps the government to keep track of every employee’s data.

How to register for the HRMS Odisha portal

  • Contact your department’s account office to contact the DDO manager
  • Send your data to the DDO agent using the online application form
  • Name, date of birth, mobile phone number, department code to be given
  • Once the details have been verified, DDO will activate your account
  • The original username and password will be made available to the employees after successful online activation of their Odisha HRMS account.

Okay, Now let us Learn how to use your credentials and log in to the Odisha HRMS portal to access your contact information and payroll information.

HRMS Odisha Login

  • Go to the official website with in your url bar and wait for it to load completely
  • Click the login button on the right
  • Select the Personal Login tab

hrms odisha

  • A new page ( will be loaded. This is your HRMS login page
  • Enter your username and password in the appropriate column
  • Enter the security code
  • Click the Sign In button to continue
  • The details will be checked and you will be redirected to the Odisha staff page
  • The employee page loads with your contact details and your name in the upper top corner
  • Choose an option and of your choice to enjoy Odisha’s government service.

Odisha HRMS Forgot password Reset to reactivate ESS Login

Follow the steps for HRMS Odisha if forgot your password and want to reset the password according to the new procedure to generate a new online login password without using DDO to re-enable ESS login.

Odisha State Government Human Resource Management System provides workers with efficient and convenient services through their portal. This HRMS portal provides many basic services of Odisha State to workers and facilitates the payment of wages.

Employees are given unique credentials that allow them to access the Odisha HRMS employee login page. There, changes to employee credentials should be reviewed by a designated DDO officer in your department’s finance office.

The employee should always have their registered mobile phone number and data with them for future reference.

Sometimes the password is saved by default, especially if you log in once or twice a month. So, if you forgot or lost the login password for Odisha Employee HRMS portal, please follow the steps below.

HRMS Odisha Forgot Password Reset

  • Visit the official Odisha HRMS website at the link
  • On the home page, click on the personal login option that appears to load the HRMS employee login page
  • Click on Forgot password that you can find at the bottom of the page
  • Enter your registered mobile number in a new window
  • Please enter your date of birth followed by the captcha code in the field
  • Click Submit Request. Once your phone is verified, it will continue
  • An password reset link will be sent to your mobile phone
  • Once the link is received, open the link and set a new password

That’s it, and this process is only successful if you have your mobile number registered with you when you reset your password.

Now we will clear some of the frequently asked questions by people.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my mobile phone number registered in the Odisha HRMS portal?

Yes, employees can request a change to their registered mobile number at any time via the HRMS portal. You must contact the DDO employee who has been assigned to you by your department and provide your basic information in order to change your registered mobile phone. As soon as the DDO manager has been updated, the new mobile phone number will be added to their account.

Does the DDO manager know my password?

An employee account password is limited to employees only and no one other than them has access to view it. Therefore, DDO employees can only verify your data stored in the portal, but not the password you selected to log in.

How can I contact a DDO representative in my department?

Contact details for the assigned DDO agent can be found in your accounting department in the office. They will see your account information and any changes or inconsistencies in employee information should be reported to them.

Can I get last month’s payslip through the HRMS Odisha portal?

Yes, the old payslips of all employees are stored in a lead list in the HRMS Odisha portal and employees can download them at any time by logging into a portal with their unique credentials.

Is the online payslip form generated by HRMS used for loans?

The payroll generated by HRMS Odisha is the main source of employee of the month payment. Therefore, workers can use this payroll as a benchmark for their Odisha government employees and take any kind of loan and even stamp to the account, your department office printed sheet will add weight to the payroll.

What is HRMS Odisha Customer Care Number?

If you are still facing any problems, you can call the bank on the following Contact numbers: +91 67425 67110, and +91 67425 67210.


This article covered a lot of important areas of Odisha HRMS such as HRMS Odisha login, HRMS Odisha Register, Password reset and some general questions that people ask. If you have more doubts, feel free to mention them in the comments below.