SBI HRMS Portal Login Guide with Mobile App and Online SBI

State bank of India is one of the leading banks in the government banking sector. Apart from providing all the financial needs and banking services to the customers. It has something for their employees as well — the employees who are working under every SBI branch. You must have heard about the SBI HRMS Portal. HRMS stands for the Human Resource management system. This is the panel offered to the employees of the state bank of India to ensure the flexibility of the data of every employee and for the easy access to the employee accounts.



This is one of the best initiatives done by SBI bank for the employees. However, the HRMS panel is almost the same as the internet banking portal, but the difference is internet banking is for the customers, and the HRMS panel is for the employees. HRMS made to record every information of the employee and employees can also check out their salary slips, next salary date, and other details like their PF account using HRMS. Also, you can apply for the leave using this panel in case you want to go for the vacations, and meanwhile, you do not need to visit any regional office for the same approval.


Apart from these, you will get all the notifications of holidays and meetings held in the bank. According to me, This is one of the best panels for the employees.

Features of SBI HRMS Portal:

  • You can generate salary and pension slips of yours.
  • You can ask for a vacation or leave through the panel.
  • With this, you can change the nominee of your PF account.
  • You can check your current pension plan.
  • You can check all the history and transaction details of your salary account.
  • SBI HRMS can help you to check account balance as well.
  • You can check your loan status application.
  • Medical issues.

Who Can Use SBI HRMS Portal?

This Portal is only available for the employees and ex-employees of the state bank of India. We do know that HRMS stands for the human resource management system and to comply with the policies of SBI and for security purposes. It is available for the people who work in SBI. 

HRMS is not available for the customers as they do have access to internet banking and the HRMS portal is something like the same as internet banking. Employees can also avail of some of the banking services using this Portal if you do know the event of 2017 where five banks merged with SBI so now those bank employees can use this HRMS system by SBI.

How do I get the User ID and Password for the Portal?

We mentioned that earlier it is only for the employees of state bank of India and if you are one of their employees and still do not have access to the login of the HRMS portal, then you must contact the regional office of SBI near you for getting your login ID and password. They usually provide the same on the date of joining, but if you didn’t get yet, then I suggest you contact SBI soon.

SBI HRMS Portal Login?

We have added this section for the first time users of SBI HRMS. Sometimes, we do not understand about the system, and therefore, we look for the perfect guide to learn more about any particular thing, and this is the what you are looking to get logged in to your SBI HRMS portal. We mentioned the registration part above and if you are done with getting your user ID and password then let’s go further.

Steps to Login SBI HRMS:

  • First, you need to visit the official HRMS login website, and you can do this by clicking here
  • On the screen, you will ask to enter the correct credentials like your user ID and password.
  • Enter your all details correctly and click on submit.
  • Once you click on submit then the browser will redirect to your dashboard of the SBI HRMS portal.
  • That’s it. You are now logged in to the Portal. Make sure to log out after your work is done.

Wait? There is something more for you. We are telling the procedure of how to login in to SBI HRMS Portal, and we have already mentioned the process from which you can get yourself logged in using pc or desktop. But what if you want to access the system from your mobile phone? No worries. We have added the solution for the same as well.

How to Login in SBI HRMS Portal using Mobile app?

We do know that the smartphone is the new generation. Most of the time we spend on our smartphone only and sometimes, we even do not have access to the laptop or PC for various tasks. Therefore, SBI also launched the HRMS service for smartphone users as well. They only need to install the simple application on their smartphone, and they can use every feature of the Portal on their fingertips.

Steps to Logic SBI HRMS using Mobile App:

  • First, you need to download the application named SBI HRMS from the play store or app store.
  • Once the download part is finished, you need to log in using the same credentials which were provided to you at the time of your joining.
  • Put all the information correctly and click on submit.
  • Once submitted it would redirect you to the dashboard of SBI HRMS.


State bank of India is one of the largest and leading banks in private banking sectors. Apart from providing all the solutions related to any financial services or banking services to the customers. SBI has something for their employees as well. The initiative of SBI HRMS Portal not only helps the management to record information and process the salary of every employee but It is also suitable for the employees working in the state bank of India. 

Meanwhile, they will have access to their salary account, and they no need to call anyone for leave approval, salary slips because all the things are now available under HRMS (Human Resource Management) Portal. In this post, we have mentioned all the details you need to know for getting logged in to the SBI HRMS Portal. Do let us know in the comments section if you need to know anything else.