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Spice money is the number one company and multi-purpose portal for both agents and the customers. This is the only company in which more than 1,00,000 agents are working over all over India. You may call Spice money a fastest growing organization in India. We know that many portals in India can provide the same online services but if you compare it with Spice money then you will get to know the difference.

This application is mostly used by the agents working in India for earning some money and making the use of its services. You can call this application a B2B platform (Business 2 Business).

spice money agent login


Advantages of Spice Money:

There are a lot of advantages of using Spice money as an agent or customer. I’ll not take much time to explain in the paragraph. You can check yourself in the points that I had mentioned below.

  • Spice money has an RBI license. It means this platform is safe for agents and customers.
  • Spice money has a Bharat Bill Payment System license from the Reserve bank of India.
  • Spice money has AePS service. It means Micro ATM.
  • The Spice money has Cash-At-PoS (Mini ATM).
  • Spice money will provide a Rupay platinum debit card from the Yes Bank.
  • Spice money has a collaboration with IRCTC that will help you to book train tickets at a maximum discounted rate.
  • Spice money can help you in making bill payments and all other transactions at less cost.


Till now, I do not have found any disadvantages of using Spice money. If there is any in the future, I’ll surely update the information over here.

Why use Spice Money?

We know that Spice money is one of the best AePS applications for mini and small scale businesses. As we have mentioned earlier that it can be a source of income if you are capable in B2B transactions. Anyone can download this application and use it on their smartphone but only the agents have all the services, rights, and benefits of this application. So, let’s have a look.

Spice Money For agents:

  • The agent needs to provide their proof of identity and address to become a Spice money agent. (Agent also needs to pay 1599 and 59Rs monthly to activate premium services of Spice money)
  • Agents can use Spice money to transfer the wallet amount to any bank using IMPS and NEFT as a fund transfer option at no extra cost.
  • To keep the agent wallet safe. Spice money goes through various authentication and security process to make sure the amount available in the wallet is safe.
  • It is one of the safest platforms for doing all types of transactions.
  • Spice money agents can also receive a platinum Rupay debit card from the YES bank.

Spice Money For Customers:

  • Customers can download the Spice money application for free anytime from Google play store.
  • Customers can use the banking services of Spice money from anywhere and at no extra cost.
  • Customers can transfer money using Spice money at low transfer fees.
  • Spice money is a secure platform for the customers as well.
  • Customers can transfer up to Rs 50,000 a month.
  • Customers do not need to visit the bank and wait for the line.
  • Customers can even make bill payments, recharges, and other transactions using the Spice money app.

How to Register in Spice money as an agent?

So, you made up your mind. However, if you want to become a Spice money agent then you need to follow all the steps that I had mentioned below correctly and in the order. Before that, check out the requirements that are needed to proceed further.


  • Aadhar card, Pan Card and Photograph.
  • Active internet connection.
  • Smartphone/Laptop.
  • Patience.

Steps to Register Spice Money Agent Portal:

  • First, you need to visit the official website of Spice money. You can visit by directly clicking here https://b2b.spicemoney.com/loginPageLogin or by searching on google.
  • Second, select the language interface to English or your preferred language.
  • After that, click on the signup option shown on the homepage.
  • Now, on the signup page. You need to enter your basic information like name, mobile number, email ID, services you need, and the documents you would like to upload.
  • Under the documents section, you need to enter your pan card and Aadhar card number and upload the copy of the same during the registration.
  • Under the service section, you need to select the services that you need under the agent’s platform. Services are IRCTC, Retailer, Distributor, Spice Money ATM + Account Service.
  • Fill up all the details correctly and click on the submit button.
  • You now have to wait for at least 24 hours till your application gets verified.
  • If your application gets verified then you will receive your Spice money ID and password in your mobile and email address.

That’s it. However, not all the services are available to the free-agent platform. If you want to enable all the premium services of the Spice money app then you need to pay Rs 1599 in cash and also Rs 59 monthly to keep your membership active.

Note: Please check out the Spice money official website for the latest update in price or anything.

Spice Money Agent Login

So, we are done with the registration. It is now time to log in to the portal and make the use of all the agent services.

  • For quick access to the agent portal. You need to download the application “Spice money merchant app” from Google play store.
  • Download and install on your smartphone.
  • Now, open the application and log in using the Spice money ID and password provided to you.
  • That’s it. However, you can even use the web portal for getting logged in and use all of its services.


Spice money makes it extremely easy and convenient for all people to make their usual transactions. It can be also used as the source of earning some income by becoming a Spice money agent and using its B2B platform. However, in this article, we have added all the details for the Spice money agent along with the registration and login process. If there is anything that is not understandable about Spice Money Agent Login then feel free to ask us in the comments section.