Top Banks – Best Fixed Deposit (FD) Interest Rates

A fixed deposit (FD) is one of the most major investment ways. Numerous individuals lean toward bank FDs over values as the previous is viewed as protected. The returns you received from a bank’s FD is fixed. Fixed deposit plans are otherwise called term deposit plans. It is called because that cash is saved with a bank for a fixed pre-determined term. Here are sure things that you should know while opening an FD account and Check Top Banks FD Interest Rates below.


Fixed Deposit Rates:

When you consider investments, FDs are the more suitable choice as it guarantees high returns. Here, we have assembled the FD interest rates offered by different banks that work in the nation.

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Know FD Interest Rates – 10 Reputed Indian Banks:

Recorded in the table beneath are the interest rates (p.a) offered by top banks for the term of 7 days to 10 years.

Bank Name General Citizens Senior Citizens
State Bank of India 5.00% – 6.80% 5.50% – 7.30%
Bank of Baroda 4.50% – 6.60% 5.00% – 7.10%
Canara Bank 5.00% – 6.50% 5.50% – 7.00%
Bank of India 5.00% – 6.50% 5.50% – 7.00%
IDFC Bank 4.00% – 8.50% 4.50% – 9.00%
ICICI Bank 4.00% – 7.10% 4.50% – 7.60%
Axis Bank 3.50% – 7.20% 3.50% – 7.85%
HDFC Bank 3.50% – 7.30% 4.00% – 7.80%
Punjab National Bank 5.00% – 6.75% 5.50% – 7.25%
Kotak Mahindra Bank 3.50% – 6.90% 4.00% – 7.40%

The interest rates offered on the fixed deposits (FD) will rely upon the period for which you are using for money investments in the FD and furthermore differ from bank to bank for FDs for the same loan period. Senior residents are commonly offered higher loan fees. To get the interest payment, you can pick either cumulative choice or non-cumulative alternative.

Under the cumulative choice, interest gained on the deposit is re-contributed and paid at the maturity time along with the principal amount.

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In the non-cumulative choice, interest is credited into the customers’ account at the compensation out interim selected at the time of FD taken. One can look over the choices of getting the interest on a month to month, quarterly, half-yearly or every year premise as offered by the bank.

Fixed Deposit Calculator:


The interest you can gain on your deposited sum relies upon various variables, including the amount contributed, residency, interest rates, interest calculation recurrence, and tax collection. You can compute the profits on your speculation by utilizing an FD calculator. The whole procedure of ascertaining the sum is simple and bothers free. You should simply enter the deposit term, pick the kind of FD (reinvestment, quarterly, or regularly scheduled installment), the speculation sum, the date of record opening, and the ROI.

Fixed Deposit Interest and Income Tax

  • The returns you get on your FD are named as Income from Other Source and it is completely taxable.
  • Banks won’t deduct TDS if your FD’s interest income is below Rs.40,000 in a year.
  • Depositors should submit Form 15G and Form 15H with the bank at the starting stage of the financial year. Banks won’t deduct TDS while submission of the form.