KMB My Family Savings Account – Kotak Mahindra Bank Joint Account

Kotak Mahindra bank my family savings account is specially made for the families. It brings the entire family under one account. It allows every family member to access the various benefits and facilities of the savings account. However, there is a minimum balance requirement, and it varies upon the account variant you choose. Moreover, the customers under this account variant are eligible to receive up to 6% interest rates for keeping the balance in their KMB my family savings account. 


Services Offered in My Family Savings Account.

Kotak Mahindra My Family Savings Account

  • SMS Alerts: You will be receiving SMS alerts for every transaction you made on your Kotak bank account. That is too for free of cost.
  • Internet banking: Internet banking access to the customer for their day to day banking needs.
  • Mobile banking: The all in one application to access and use Kotak banking services anytime from anywhere.
  • Home banking: The customers can avail the top-notch home banking services from the Kotak bank like the collecting and delivery of cash for particular transactions.
  • ATM Usage: There is no charge for using ATM for pro and ace account holders.
  • Discounts on Travelcards: You can get up to 25% discount for booking travel cards.
  • Locker rent: 15% extra discount on Kotak locker rent.
  • Higher withdrawal limits: You can withdraw up to 50000 daily using a platinum and classic debit card.
  • Activmoney: You can quickly convert your account balance to term deposit using Activmoney.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager: The dedicated relationship manager will be assigned to your account for keeping you updated.

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Fees and Charges:

  • Debit card: It varies from the account. Generally, 100 for issuance and 250 annually.
  • ATM charges: There is no charge for using ATM; however, if cash withdrawal using other bank ATM then 20 Rs per transaction.
  • Home banking: There is a fixed charge of 175 Rs per transaction for availing home banking service.

How to Open Kotak Mahindra Bank My Family Savings Account?

You can quickly open Kotak bank my family savings account by visiting the Kotak bank branch near your location. You need to go through the bank along with the required documents like proof of identity, address proof, signature proof and two passport size photos. 

That’s it. The account will be activated within 7 working days after completing all the process.


  • Resident Indian (Sole or Joint Account)
  • Hindu Undivided Families


Kotak Mahindra bank is currently coming under the best private banks of India. It is because not only this bank is best in providing attractive services but also in providing attractive interest rates compared to any other private banks. This is why KMB My family savings account is perfect for the joint families. So, they can have one account for every need. 

If you also want to open an account in Kotak bank, then you can visit their official website or refer to this article. In case of any other queries, feel free to ask us in the comments section.