PPF Calculator – How to Calculate PPF Interest Rates on Investment?

PPF also is known as Public Provident Fund; It was introduced in 1968 in India. Well, its an India backed long term saving schemes that were launched by the government that offers the benefits to the investor on their tax under the income tax act, section 80 c in 1961. Also, the account avails the fixed returns on the accounts of the investors at the rate, which is approved by the finance ministry. It features a maturity which stays for 15 years. However, the current plan in PPD was to mobilizing goals for small saving that can cover a different part of India and can secure the financial future of people. Check PPF Calculator Online below.


What are the Benefits of PPF?

There are multiple benefits to investment PPF. Such as:

  • The risk factor here is lower as PPF is backed by the Indian government itself.
  • For creating a PPF account, there is less hassle, and the wide is reach. The account can be opened in the various bank, including public banks, nationalized banks, post office, or any private but selective banks.
  • However, the PPF is locked for 15 years, but there is a provision where the money can be withdrawing or can take the loans once the period of 7 years is complete. The PPF return is much attractive as compared to FDs in banks
  • PPF deposits fall under Exempt-Exempt- Exempt, also known as EEE category. Well, this means that the invest principles, the interest can be earned, and the proceeds received when the maturely period ends, this all are tax exempt. Not just that, the amount which is deposited to the PPF related to spouse or child will also be tax-exempt.

How It Works and what are the Rules for Withdrawn in PPF Account?


Well the withdrawn rules of PPF include the completion of 15 years, which is the maturity period and calculated from the day when the account was opened. Once the maturity ends, the account balance in PPF can be withdrawn completely. Well after the six years ends, the subscribed of PPF can take some parts from their account as withdrawals. The amount which qualifies for withdraw will get calculated by the PPF calculator. 

PPF Calculator and Formula:

Well the interest on PPF can be annually compounded. For the calculation, there is a formula, which is used, here:

F = P[({(1+i) ^n}-1)/i]

To calculate further, it’s important to understand what stands for what. Well, here F is for maturity proceeds of the PPF, whereas P is for Annual instalment, N is for Number of the years, and I is for the rate of the interest / 100.

To understand this formula and calculation further, here is the example e:

If there is someone who makes the payment annually of Rs. 1,00,000 towards their investment in PPF for 15 years at 8.0%. When the maturity proceeds, the person will get Rs. 31,17,276 at the end of the 15 years.


PPF stands for Public Provident Fund, and It is made for the people, or you may call the investors to save their tax, and it is okay according to the income tax law. In this post, we have added all the details you need to know about PPF Calculator online.