7 Best Travel Credit Cards for 2020; Choose Wisely

What Do You mean by Travel Credit Card? Travel credit card is a form of credit card that provides enticing rewards and travel-related deals. The best travel credit card features and benefits provide you with travel savings what is the use of a Travel Credit Cards?

Travelers have a range of credit cards to pick from-since the best travel credit card not only provides additional air miles and transfers to different carriers but also deals on hotel stays, shopping and simple purchases in foreign countries. Here we would try to brief you about the best travel credit card which can help you get more in returns.


Best Travel Credit Cards 2020:



Upon making the first spend of 1,000 you will receive 10,000 bonus miles within 60 days of the date of issuance of the card.

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With every $100 spent on airline purchases and unique pages, receive 10 miles. The miles will be passed to all of the hotel and airline partners. Those include, among others, Air India, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, Harson Club, and Taj InnerCircle. In fact, you can relax in different airport lounges around India and have refreshments.

Annual Fee – As applicable by the Bank

Why Should you take one?

The miles so won never expire because you can regain them without blackout dates for the flights. This card entitles you to access more than 26,000 flights, restaurants, sports, tennis, spas and more in India and more than 30 other countries

* Air India SBI Signature Card:


You will earn as many as 15,000 bonus incentive points in one year.

Earn 4 points of reward for every $100 spent. The reward points can be converted into Air India Miles. 1 Point of Reward = 1 Air India Mile. The passport grants you a pass to the Priority Pass Program, allowing you to access the amenities of premium airport lounges around the world.

Annual Fee – ₹4,999 + 18% GST

* Etihad Guest SBI Premier Card:

Earn as many as 1,500 Etihad Guest Miles on a quarterly budget of about 1.5 lakhs.

The card gives you an economy and business class travel discount of 8 percent and 10 percent via Etihad Airways. The discount on economy class will be 3 percent after March 31, 2019, while the 10 percent cut would also extend on business class travel. Up to 6 Etihad Guest Miles will be received on card transactions, including the money expended on Etihad Airways flight bookings, overseas purchases etc.

Annual Fee – ₹4,999 + 18% GST

* American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card:

A warm gift of 5,000 reward points for anniversary loyalty rewards awaits. For travel coupons worth ₹4,000, these points may be redeemed.

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Get more than ₹7,700 travel coupons after paying ₹1.9 lakh a year. So if you’re investing about ₹4 lakh, you can get travel coupons worth up to a limit of ₹11,800. You will also get from the Taj Restaurants, Resorts and Palaces a voucher worth about ₹10,000.

Annual Fee – ₹5,000 + 18% GST

* Air India SBI Platinum Card:

You will earn as many as 15,000 bonus incentive points in one year.

Get 15 reward points for every ₹100 or so tickets spent on Air India from airindia.com, the Smartphone app for Air India. The reward points can be translated to Air India Miles, with an Air Mile equal to 1 RP. You will also enjoy free VISA lounge service via the frequent flyer system at Air India.

Annual Fee – ₹1,499 + 18% GST

* Yatra SBI Card:

Get Yatra.com vouchers worth ₹8,250 as soon as you pay the joining fee.

On domestic and international flight bookings you can receive a discount of ₹1,000 and some ₹4,000, respectively. However, the offer is subject to the total cost that will be paid on purchasing the tickets. The minimum amount for domestic flights needs to be around ₹5,000.

Annual Fee – ₹499 + 18% GST

*Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card


Get 10,000 CV Points bonus if you invest 1 lakh within the first 90 days of the issuing date of your card.

A welcoming package with a free ticket to the Business Class welcomes you at the door. The pass is always valid in a year when you reach specific goal income. For each cost of ₹2,50,000, ₹5,00,000 and ₹7,50,000 a year, one Business Class ticket is available. Membership in Club Vistara Gold grants you the luxury of advance check-in, free lounge service, preferential handling of luggage, excess baggage allowance, etc.

Annual Fee – ₹10,000 + 18% GST