American Express Credit Card Review

The American Express Group is one of the leading card issuers in the world. The owners of American Express Credit Card from around the globe always speak high about the superior service that the company provides. The company treats its credit cards as if one of the chief worth manipulators.

Starting from the elite business travel cards to those offer everyday rewards, the cards are highly capable to cater to the different needs of people.

The corporation boasts of the varieties of cards they sponsor and behold. Once you apply for one of the best American Express Credit Card, the person at the branch will sit with you to know about your specific needs.

The purpose of such sitting is to make an assessment of your actual requirement. From your response, the analyst at the back of the bank branch will offer the card that suits best to your needs.



Benefits of different Cards offered by AMEX:

The Platinum Card

With this premium card, you will be able to save up to Rs. 111,000 while on travel. The owner will be able to enjoy benefits around Rs. 37000 each time you pay for booking in the listed sophisticated Hotels and Resorts while on tour.

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The paid card lets its customers enjoy different types of protection while on tour. If he/she becomes a victim of an accident while in flight, the nominee will be entitled to a lump-sum amount as Insurance Cover.

Besides this, the cardholder is entitled to Medical Insurance while on abroad. The company allows provision for protection against purchase and wallet also stays protected.

The customer service will be there round the clock.

The SmartEarn Credit Card

With the benevolent American Express Credit Card, customers will be entitled to Rs. 500 cashback upon purchase of Rs. 10000, while the fees payable is only Rs. 195. Taxes are also applicable, of course. However, the purchase is needed to be over in the first 90 days of gaining membership.

If the cardholder spends more than Rs. 40000 in a year, he/she will be exempted from paying the renewal fee in the next year.

The cardholders are eligible to enjoy the flexibility and facility to pay the bill for American Express Credit Card both in full or in part. The company allows its customers to convert their spending into monthly installments. The dues are thus cleared with ease.

Why opt for American Express Credit Card?


People with a sophisticated attitude like to grab American Express Credit Card for the stupendous benefits it provides.

First of all, we should mention their round the clock personalized service. The dedicated team there ensures that you get the service to the fullest extent as mentioned in your plan. The global service also guarantees that the customer will be able to reach there from any point in the world and ask for their help.

Protection from Fraud

American Express offers clear instruction about sharing personal as well as card related information. Avoid any unsolicited calls, message or email seeking any kind of information in this regard. The calls or emails may seek your permission regarding reversing the card transaction in which is no way involved.

The bank gives top priority about the security of its cardholders. To ensure the best protection, they monitor each piece of the transaction made. It helps them become and offer alerts for unscrupulous transactions.

The following types of frauds normally occur:

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone forges your personal information. It may include your PAN Number, Bank Account Number, Credit or Debit Number, and Telephone Number. Normally the information is used to open credit accounts, loan accounts, etc. Credit or Debit Card Information is used to make high-end purchases. The original owner, despite not spending a penny, falls in the trap of a huge debt.

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Greetings in Email

Experts advise against responding to any Email that does not address you by your name. The senders of Phish emails send bulk mail as sending everyone by their name seems an impossible and cost-bearing task for them.

If the sender’s name alerts you, just delete the mail without opening it. You can, however, try the link by typing the name on the browser.


Enjoy the facilities of American Express Credit Card by becoming a member; besides other benefits, these cards allow the facility of contactless payments. To avail that, you will have to make a special application. These cards have special symbols on their front and back.