Know Union and Axis Banks Loan EMI Calculator Process

Use an online EMI calculator to know the EMI of the top Union bank of India and Axis bank. Get exact calculations of EMI by entering key details of the loan amount, ROI, and tenure.

Union Bank of India:


Having huge network operations all over India, the Union Bank of India is an exceptionally technically knowledgeable bank that is devoted to helping the Indian residents with first-class financial related services and products. This public revised bank doesn’t just guarantee helpful financial procedures yet additionally endeavors to offer valuable budgetary tools and solutions. Attributable to its valuable items as different financial related products and tools, it has a great customer base all over the country.

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Union Bank EMI Calculator

Among its different useful contributions, the EMI calculator needs extraordinary notice. The EMI calculator of Union Bank has made the loan borrowing process progressively straightforward for the customers. With EMI Calculators, a borrower can check his/her eligibility criteria and the EMI relevant for the loan amount that he/she needs to take from Union Bank or some other public or private banking sector.

Steps to Calculate EMI with the Union Bank EMI Calculator

The way toward utilizing the Union Bank EMI calculator is given here:

Step 1: Open the official web portal of Union Bank of India and look at the ‘Retail Loans’ segment.

Step 2: Look for the ‘EMI Calculator’ tab under the ‘Quick Links’ area.

Step 3: Open the EMI calculator tool by clicking the tab.

Step 4: Enter the required key fields of the loan amount, loan tenure, and ROI in %.

Step 5: Select the ‘Calculate’ option to get the best EMIs.

Step 6: Look at the EMI shown on the page along with average interest and monthly interest.

Axis Bank:


Since its beginning, the Axis Bank was focussed on offering the top tier finance related solutions for the citizens of the nation. Be it a low-premium individual loan, a vehicle loan, or a quick credit card approval, Axis Bank offers anything with its operations. Because of its immaculate administrations and contributions, it has increased wide acknowledgment among the clients across different monetary fragments of the nation.

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EMI Calculator

The most recent expansion to the Axis Bank’s client arranged administrations is its EMI calculators. These technology-driven tools have made it simple for the customers to initially compute the EMI that they need to reimburse on a month to month premise and afterward get any loan amount. Beginning from a personal loan, home loan, vehicle loan to education loan, the Axis Bank has a lot of customized EMI calculators to empower the borrowers to settle on an educated and wise choice before selecting a loan product.

Axis Bank EMI Calculator – Steps Wise Guide

This is the manner by which you can utilize the Axis Bank EMI calculator to figure your loan EMI:

Step 1: Open the official portal of Axis Bank and open the ‘Loans’ tab.

Step 2: Select the ‘Calculators’ and choose the desired loan scheme from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Next, click and open the ‘EMI Calculator’ option.

Step 4: Choose the loan amount, processing fee, tenure, and interest rate utilizing the scale.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Calculate’ tab to get the EMIs.

Step 6: The calculator will show the desired amount of loan that you need to pay month to month.