PNB and ICICI Bank EMI Calculator for Home and Property Loans

Are you looking for PNB and ICICI Bank Loan EMI Calculator? Learn how to calculate the EMI of Home and Property Loans online.

PNB Bank:


The Punjab National Bank or PNB is a reputed Indian bank whose vision is to meet the borrowers of each economic segment of the nation. The easy to use the official website of PNB permits its users to check and apply for a home and property loan products, credit, and platinum debit cards, perform internet banking transactions, check their application status and compute the advance EMIs with only simple mouse clicks while sitting in comfort.

PNB EMI Calculator

By utilizing the PBN Home Loan EMI calculator you won’t just have the option to calculate the EMI that you are subject to pay against your loan, however, you can likewise compute your eligibility criteria to apply for a PNB home loan facility. Additionally, by giving the estimation of your regularly scheduled monthly payments, it will permit you to choose the perfect figure of the loan amount that you can support effortlessly. The way toward utilizing the PNB EMI calculator is straightforward and any first-time user can use it and there will be no problem at all.

Steps to Use PNB EMI Calculator

Check how to utilize the PNB EMI calculator directly here:

Stage 1: Right away, visit the official site of Punjab National Bank.

Stage 2: Choose to go the segment of ‘Tools and Calculators’.

Stage 3: Check for the ‘Home Loan EMI Calculator’ segment and open the ‘EMI Calculator’ tab.

Stage 4: Use the sliders and enter the loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure.

Stage 5: The user can view the estimated EMI for their applied loan amount.

Stage 6: If you think the EMI suits your financial budget, click on the ‘Get Instant E-Sanction’ option.


Being one of the main private-area banks in India, the ICICI Bank has been offering easy financial banking solutions for individuals for quite long years. This bank is known for a significant level of straightforwardness and unwavering quality among its clients over every province of India. Aside from offering a wide scope of loan schemes, this innovative bank has now come up with simple to-utilize EMI calculators to assist individuals with arranging their EMIs before taking the loan.

ICICI Bank EMI Calculator

ICICI Bank EMI Calculator

The ICICI Bank EMI calculators permit the willing loan borrowers to know how a lot of sum they need to repay each month for clearing the loan amount on scheduled time. Consequently, by utilizing the EMI calculator, borrowers who have decided on EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) facility to relieve the pressure of reimbursing the loan quickly, can undoubtedly know the amount they have to pay each month through the EMI calculators of ICICI Bank.

Steps to Use the ICICI Bank EMI Calculator

This is the step-by-step manual to utilize the ICICI Bank EMI calculator:

Stage 1: Open the official portal of ICICI Bank.

Stage 2: Go to the ‘Personal’ tab section on the top of the webpage and click on it.

Stage 3: Then go to the ‘Tools and Calculators’ segment at the bottom of the page.

Stage 4: Next, click open the calculator for the loan scheme that you need.

Stage 5: Enter all details like loan amount, ROI, and loan tenure to find the loan EMI.

Stage 6: It will naturally measure and show the appropriate EMI amount.