The answer to the question is a big YES! Read this article to know why. NCERT books are widely known to make the learning process simpler and less complicated. With multiple subjects and thousand topics to be covered each day, the book brings a respite in the form of its lucidness and unembellished form. It opens several avenues for students to grasp the subject better and have a clear understanding of the concept. As a literature subject, Hindi needs a lot of comprehensive and detailed approaches to make it work right. Here’s how NCERT effortlessly helps to achieve the same:

Each chapter is taken up and a detailed summary of the same is provided with keynotes and meanings of important words. At the time of the revision, students can easily have a look at the summary and make notes of the important points. The Hindi question paper comes with numerous long questions and references to the contexts. By downloading the main textbook, NCERT Hindi Books PDF for Class 8 as well as the NCERT solutions, students can get access to a huge number of references to the contexts and ready materials for long answers. Based on thorough research, the questions are compiled keeping in view the importance of the same. CBSE board is known to focus more on questions from NCERT and therefore, students following the same gets an added advantage to know the nitty-gritty of the subject. The summary of each chapter is provided in such lucid language that it is way easier for a student to memorize. Instead of mugging up the chapter, they can accustom themselves to the technique of the questions and put more stress on them for a better result.

Students tend to make grammar errors with regard to sentence construction. It is an added advantage for those who are not well versed with the system of writing long answers. The ready-made answers provided at the end of each chapter make it much easier for students to take down key points and understand the structure of the question. In this way, they learn the art of answer making and be cautious of sentence construction errors. Many chapters come with difficult words and students from Non-Hindi background find it difficult to understand the meaning of the same. However, the book makes sure to take out all those difficult processing words and phrases and brings out their meanings in a simple way that can be later used as a part of preparing answers. Class 8 has always remained an important milestone for a student since it is for the first time that he/she comes to terms with the patterns of the board. During such a time it is important to have a detailed analysis of the curriculum and prepare well for it. The book comes with such well-crafted answers that students get the best help in terms of assignments and revisions. Many life skills and twisted questions are placed in front of them during the hour of examination and even well-talented students get stuck in the process. It is here that the book comes to one’s rescue through already prepared answers to a variety of questions. In this way, students are saved from preparing all the long answers by themselves and can put more effort in the process of understanding the chapter well and looking into the formats of the question. 

The curriculum is prepared in such a way that gives various insights to the students on the present conditions of the society. It touches upon various social and economic issues and highlights the need to change the system. It also develops a greater bonding with nature and its beauty, making students aware of the tranquility it provides and why it becomes absolutely necessary on our part to help them grow into a beautiful environment. Besides, the chapters also motivate students to uplift their courage and determination till the very end as there is no room for failure. Kabir’s famous verses give deeper insights into the proceedings of life and how embracing it can lead to life-long optimism. The book is also well known for bringing out the mythological stories of Lord Krishna and Sudama. With a holistic approach to the curriculum, students find it interesting to remain glued to it and take home some fantastic ideas based on the same.

The solutions provided by NCERT are absolutely authentic and apt based on the contexts of the chapters and students can whole-heartedly rely on them for solving all their queries. As a newly taken up subject, it is essential to have a close understanding of all the chapters and delve deeper for better results. Here’s another reason why NCERT should be a go-to book for 8th-grade students. It opens up their horizons, broadens their perspectives, and allows them to ponder on the subject in great detail. At a later stage, while sitting for any competitive exams, such an in-depth understanding of the subject goes a long way. It is important to begin in the right way so that better approaches can be taken in the future. The answers provided are all well-drafted by expert knowledge and this increases the experience of the students in framing better answers with perfect sentence construction. The book is believed to be highly beneficial in all areas for a literature-based subject. With lucid yet coherent drafting of points makes it available to a wide variety of students, specifically for CBSE boards. It is also made open for other boards so that students can learn the art of answer-framing. 

 Keeping all these points in mind, it becomes crystal clear that NCERT provides one of the best aids for those who are bookaholics and willing to develop more interest in the Hindi subject as a whole. It definitely makes scoring way too easy but apart from that, it helps in widening one’s perspectives in the best possible way. Those who want to have fluency in Hindi writing, get hold of NCERT and witness the life-changing scores.