How safe it is to invest in ULIP plans?

No one wants to taste the risk unless it lures you to have high returns! Biking in a ring is dangerous but the person does it to attract people and earn more. Rahul, aged 35, purchased a ULIP plan when he got his second job….

What are the similarities and dissimilarities between lei numbers and lei codes

lei numbers and lei codes

The LEI system has been implemented by many nations outside of the EU, notably the United States under the Commodity Exchange Act. The LEI is gradually gaining traction as a global standard. If you don’t have an LEI, you won’t be able to trade: Companies…

Make your business transaction quick and hassle-free via online banking payouts

business transaction quick and hassle-free via online banking payouts

What is a payout – In layman’s terms payout is when payment is made to others for their goods and services. Whether it is running a small business, a startup, or your own ecommerce setup or an online tutoring site, or a reselling and marketing…

Trading with the major trend like a pro trader


Trend trading strategy has always been a safe method for retail traders. Those who have established themselves in the retail trading industry, love to trade with the major trend. They know very well that placing the trades against a well-established trend is more like catching…

D&B Hoovers- How You Can Use It to Accelerate Your B2B Sales?

D&B Hoovers

Strategies are one of the key aspects that drive the growth of every business. They are the backbone behind every sales acceleration process. Simply put, sales acceleration can be defined as maximising sales revenue by driving speed and efficiency in the process. It also helps…



Retirement is that golden era of an individual’s life that they eagerly look forward to. And why shouldn’t they? One works hard throughout their adult life to accumulate a nest egg they can rely upon. Retirement is that time when an individual most likely has…

What are the Legal Risks for Investors in Cryptocurrency?

egal Risks for Investors in Cryptocurrency

In conjunction with the rising interest in digital money and its consequences for new and established enterprises, the legal impacts of these emerging innovations and currencies are becoming more apparent. As governments, agencies, banks, and other financial organizations worldwide strive to comprehend the nature and…