D&B Hoovers- How You Can Use It to Accelerate Your B2B Sales?

Strategies are one of the key aspects that drive the growth of every business. They are the backbone behind every sales acceleration process. Simply put, sales acceleration can be defined as maximising sales revenue by driving speed and efficiency in the process. It also helps move the prospect through the sales pipeline with greater efficiency while helping reduce deals attrition.

And so, to help you accelerate your B2B sales there are a wide variety of software and tools available that can be leveraged to find growth opportunities and significant prospects. However, the tool you choose should be reliable and reputed to give you accurate data.

D&B Hoovers

This is where D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) Hoovers comes to your rescue. But what exactly is it? And how can it help you accelerate your sales? Read on to know all about it!

What is D&B Hoovers?

In order to effectively accelerate your B2B sales, organisations need to do three basic things:

  1. Target strategically
  2. Ensure that you make the buyer’s journey simple
  3. Engage with customers and potential partners in a compelling manner

And D&B Hoovers helps you achieve all this effectively. Simply put, Hoovers is a tool by D&B that helps you create a faster path from prospect to a profitable relationship. It derives its data from the comprehensive Dun & Bradstreet cloud, combines it with sophisticated analytics and offers a sales intelligence that works for you.

But that is not all. Here are some other advantages that make D&B Hoovers such a sought-after tool:

Target More Strategically

One of the most pleasing aspects of D&B Hoovers is that it delivers critical intelligence to your sales and marketing team at the point of interaction which results in an impactful and relevant conversation. This also helps the team to target potential prospects more strategically resulting in higher conversion rates.

Provides In-Depth Information on Your Prospects

When targeting potential prospects for partnerships, it is crucial that you are presented with complete information about them. It enables you to view corporate family trees, identify the decision-makers while helping you gain the competitive intelligence needed to negotiate with confidence.

Provide You with Actionable Information in Your CRM and MAP

One of the other key aspects that makes D&B hoovers a crucial tool in accelerating your B2B sales is its seamless integration of your CRM and MAP systems. Integration with popular CRM automation software enables you to build highly targeted campaign lists and feed sales funnels within the tool. Not only that, but it also helps you contact them from within the software. This entire approach helps you focus on the most relevant opportunities which result in an increased campaign ROI.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the D&B Hoovers tool is a key aspect in helping you accelerate B2B sales. Owing to its comprehensive database and sophisticated analytics that help you identify a wide range of customers and potential partners; it has grown in popularity tremendously. So, what are you waiting for? Accelerate your B2B sales right away by signing up for the D&B Hoovers tool right away!