IDBI Bank Credit Card Online – How to Apply and Check IDBI CC Status?

IDBI bank is one of the best commercial banks in India. It deals in providing both regular and corporate bank accounts to the customers. IDBI bank has established itself in financial investments, capital marketing. It is currently offering the best banking services you need. Like, the digital banking services and all the financial services you need. Apart from this, they also provide a credit card to their respective customers.


Why Choose IDBI Credit Card?

The card comes with big basket offers, which are only designed to make any customer happy. If we talk about the security of the card, then it comes in EMV Chip format, and pin enabled the feature that allows you to keep away from the fraud. Second, you will be part of an excellent loyalty program offered by IDBI bank where you will earn some reward points based on your transactions with a credit card. Later, you can convert those points for cash etc.

Features of IDBI Bank Credit Card:


  • Rewards Program: The first feature is, Reward program offered by IDBI bank to their customers where you will earn some reward points on a specific transaction. You need at least 1000 reward points to redeem, and one reward point is equal to 0.25p. That’s again, a good system, and you can use these points to clear your outstanding credit card balance. The most important thing is the point is valid for three years only from the date of issuance.
  • Buy on EMI: The next facility is, you can buy anything on EMI, and the charges or interest depending upon the offer. Average interest rates charge on 6-12 months EMI is 13%.
  • Interest-Free credit: You will get up to 48 days free to use the credit.
  • Global Acceptance: You can use your IDBI credit card anywhere globally. More than 9 lac merchants accept it.
  • Fuel Surcharge waiver: The surcharge charged on petrol pumps get to waive off.
  • No lost card liability: It means if somehow you lost your card then contact IDBI bank credit card customer care to report the loss and they will immediately block it from further usage.
  • VISA Offers: IDBI credit card comes in VISA format. Visa has many offers running all over the year including airport meals etc.
  • Airport Lounge access: If you own IDBI Royal signature credit card, you can avail the free airport lounge access at any Indian airports.

How To Apply For IDBI Bank Credit Card?

First, you need to check your eligibility and if you are eligible for the credit card. You can follow the procedure given below.

IBDI CC Eligibility:

  • Residents of India can apply.
  • The applicant should be at least 21 years old.
  • Applicants should not be more than 60 years old. This is extended to 65 years in case of the self-employed.
  • Add on cards can be taken for family members above the age of 18.

The process to Apply for IBDI Bank Credit Card:

  • You can either visit your branch for the application or else you can apply from your net banking and mobile banking.
  • The best way is to visit your nearest branch and ask the branch manager for the credit card.
  • He will let you know if you are eligible or not.

How to Check IBDI Bank Credit Card Status?

After applying for the IBDI Bank Credit Card, we get curious to know the status of our Credit Card. Well, you can try out the below method to check IBDI Bank Credit Card status.

  • You can visit the main website of the IDBI bank.
  • If you applied through IDBI net banking, you could check the status of your credit card by logging in to your portal.


We are living in the 21st century. We all need some extra credits to get our lives to move on. The credit card is one of the best ways to get interest-free credits for up to 45 days. In this post, we mentioned about IDBI Bank credit card, Its features, and how to apply for the same. Do let us know if you need to know anything about the same.