IDBI Bank Account (Saving and Current) Opening with ZERO Balance

Savings accounts were started so that the customers can earn some interest without opening any FD or RD, and somehow, it is beneficial for day to day banking needs. However, not all savings accounts are equal. Every other bank does offer different rates of interest on every particular savings account. Today we are going to talk about the most elegant bank of India IDBI bank. IDBI bank is not only appropriate for corporate banking but also provides the essential need of savings and current account to the customers. In this post, we will tell you all the details and required documents for IDBI Bank Account opening a savings or current accounts.


Required Documents:

It is essential you need some documents to open a bank account with IDBI bank. Either, you are opening a savings account or current account. However, the procedure for opening the current account is a bit different compared to the savings one.

  • You need to have one valid address proof.
  • You should have a pan card.
  • 2 Passport size photos.
  • Cheque of any other bank if you have or your parents.
  • Firm (If opening a current account)

If you do have all the required documents, then we can proceed with the next steps for opening a savings or current account with IDBI bank.


Types of Savings Account with IDBI:

  • Suraksha Plus Savings:
  • SuperSavings Account
  • SuperShakti Account (For Women)
  • Jubilee Plus Account (For Senior Citizens)
  • Being Me Account
  • Power Kidz Account
  • Small Account (Relaxed KYC)
  • Sabka Basic Savings Account (Complete KYC)
  • Pension Savings Account (Central Government. Emp)
  • Capital Gain Account Scheme

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Features of IDBI Bank Savings Account:

  • You can make your fund transactions easily.
  • More interest in keeping a minimum balance.
  • You will get an international debit card which can be used anywhere globally.
  • You can easily open DD.
  • Other gifts hampers and deals on a savings account.

Savings Bank Account Interest Rates & Minimum Balance:

The rates of savings account & minimum balance depend upon the account you chose. For example, the standard interest rate for a savings account is 4%. The minimum balance range from rs 2500- 10000Rs.

  • Suraksha Plus Savings INR 5000
  • SuperSavings Account INR 5000
  • SuperShakti Account (For Women) INR 5000
  • Jubilee Plus Account (For Senior Citizens) 0
  • Being Me Account INR 2500
  • Power Kidz Account INR 1500
  • Small Account (Relaxed KYC) 0
  • Sabka Basic Savings Account (Complete KYC) 0
  • Pension Savings Account (Central Govt. Emp) 0
  • Capital Gain Account Scheme INR 10,000

How to Open a Savings Bank Account with IDBI Bank?

  • If you do have all the required documents mentioned above.
  • Then, visit the nearest branch along with all of your documents.
  • Ask them to open a savings account of your choice.
  • Deposit minimum balance by cheque.
  • The account will usually get activated in a week maximum.
  • You will get an instant kit or the kit by post.

How to Open a Current Bank Account with IDBI Bank?

  • The procedure is same as above.
  • You need to wait a little longer and get your firm registered with GST.
  • You need to fill out the ITR comply with GST policies.

The current account is for business, and so, there are no interest rates. All the activities in the current account get added in your final balance sheet.


We do know that IDBI bank is one of the best banks in the government banking sector. IDBI bank is all set to provide all the banking needs to every customer, and currently, they are offering a varied range of services on their savings and current account. In this post, we have mentioned all the required document you need and the interest rates of savings account. In addition, the procedure for opening current and savings account with IDBI bank.