5 Best Working Ways to Earn Money Online in India

The internet has connected all over the world and there is no one in this world, who could not earn some income online. You only need to have the right platforms, skills, and patience to earn money online. The world is connected using social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As the number of users is increasing daily. So, job opportunities for people are also increasing. Therefore, we have decided to add up enough information on this article, that how can you earn money online in India? It could be the best work for the students who are struggling to make some quick bucks during their studies. So, I have decided to add up the five best ways to earn money online in India. Let’s have a look.

earn money online in india
Earn Money Online in India


Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India

Before coming to the main ways. I would like to share some quick points that will help you to alert and keep away from the fraud companies claiming to provide you with online tasks and money.

Some quick tips

  • Most of the data entry providers are a scam. So, stay alert from them.
  • There is no quick and easiest way to earn money online. You need to be smart and work harder to achieve it.
  • If you are in the need of some quick bucks, then prefer having a personal loan and pay it off as soon as possible.

You can earn money online if you have:

  • If you have the skills and courage to learn some new stuff like content writing, SEO, video editing, and more.
  • You can also start a small blog and give a good amount of work to expect income in only 6-8 months.
  • You don’t need more than Rs 10000 to start a profitable online business.

Let’s have a look at those five possible ways to earn money online.

  1. Become a Freelancer
  2. Income from content writing
  3. Learn stock market trading.
  4. Earn money online from Youtube.
  5. Become a Consultant.

#1 Become a Freelancer

You only need to have some right sets of skills then you approach any brand, company, agency for getting the online work as a freelancer. You only need to keep some patience and work hard in learning some top-notch skills in programming, marketing, content writing, or even in video editing.

However, there are only two skills that you need to become a good freelancer and get the right amount of work. First, the core skills that determine how talented you are? How many skills you are having to support the client’s task and its growth. Second, marketing and dedication skills. This determines how well you communicate with the client for getting the project. (This plays an important role in getting the client projects and enough payment for the work)

You are earning on the Freelancing basis is depends upon the skills you are having and how well you are expertise in the skills.

I’ll prefer to create a good portfolio. It not only attracts the clients but also does provide the reference and feedbacks of your previous clients. Improve your portfolio by adding up a good amount of skills and the work you have done so far even the small work could be the biggest plus point in your portfolio.

There are some websites for the freelancer, where they can easily catch up with the clients at no extra cost. Like:

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#2 Income from content writing

We never thought to become a writer one day to earn some income online. I started my blog in 2016 and I found a lot of words to start with up my writing career online. To be honest, I was never good and fond of English but as people say: Practice makes a man perfect.

I worked, I tried, I failed but I didn’t give up. There were a lot of grammatical mistakes in my content before but as we do say time is the best remedy to perfection and heal anything. Now, most of my business and income is mostly from content writing tasks. I do write content for my clients and I get paid for it. Yes, I get paid enough for it.

I even learned that formal education is not enough to get you the right set and amount of work. Your talent, skills matter a lot. So, spend most of your time in learning instead of wasting in unusual stuff.

#3 Learn stock market trading

To be honest, you do not need any investment to start your freelancing and content writing career but, if you are going to step into the stock market then you need some investment.

You can earn a passive income if you can expertise in the stock market trading and its platform. You only need to bid on the right stock and expertise in it.

There are a lot of risks in choosing this way to earn money online.

#4 Earn money online from Youtube

Youtube is one of the biggest video platforms. Many persons have started their Youtube channel and earning like a charm.

If you have the right amount of talent then I will prefer you to showcase your skills on Youtube. There are several niches available on Youtube to start with, some of them are:

  • Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Roasting
  • Funny & Comedies
  • Advice
  • Astrology 
  • and many more.

Just chose the niche in which you are expertise and have some patience until your channel grows.

#5 Become a consultant

A good marketer can sell anything. Even the trash in some dollars. So, if you have the knowledge and good marketing skills then you can become a consultant to any company.

For example, if you are expertise in financial accounting then you can become a consultant to any reputed firm and earn a passive income for your advice. 

It does work, the only thing you need to have is dedication and patience. 

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Earning money online is not a difficult task. If a person is dedicated enough towards its work and dares to learn some new skills then the person can easily achieve their goals by earning a passive amount of money online. In this article, I have added five best ways to earn money online in India. If there is anything that is not understandable, then feel free to ask us in the comments section.