SBI Credit Card – How to Check/Apply Application Status Online

No doubt that State Bank of India (SBI) is not just one of the biggest banks in the world but also the largest lender in India. When it comes to banking services like debit cards, credit cards, loans, online banking and others, SBI competes in the public and private sector banks. Especially, credit cards which are offered by various public and private banks with various categories and offers. SBI offers a great range of SBI credit cards dedicated to online transactions, shopping, movies and much more. SBI has a great website where it allows you to explore, compare, apply and track the application status of SBI Credit cards.

If you have successfully applied for the SBI credit card, you need to check the application status of an applied credit card to monitor the progress. It is quite easy and accessible for the users as SBI offers a dedicated portal for online banking and other card related operations. SBI has the credit card customer base of more than 5 million offering various kinds of credit cards for different purposes, in different categories and more. You can use the same website as applying for credit and checking the credit card status as well. The following are the methods to check your SBI Bank Credit Card status online.

SBI Credit Card


Steps to Track Online Applications Status of SBI Credit Card:

Step 1:  Visit the website – and click on the tab says ‘Credit Cards’ which you can find at the navigation bar.

Step 2:  You need to scroll down the page and find the option ‘Track Application’. Just click on that where you will be taken to the Track and Retrieve application page

Step 3:  At that section of the page, you will find the two options as ‘ Track Application’ and ‘Retrieve Application’.

Step 4: You are supposed to fill the ‘Track Application’ section in case you have the application number.  If you don’t have, you need to go to ‘Retrieve Application’.

Step 5:  If you have chosen the first option, you are supposed to enter the application number and click on ‘Track’ button.

Step 6: If you have chosen the second option that is ‘ Retrieve Application’, next it will ask for your Date of Birth and PAN number. Enter both information and click on ‘Retrieve’ button.

Step 7: In both the cases, as soon as you hit the button, you will find the status of your SBI credit card application. It could be written as in progress, on-hold, disapproved or approved.

About SBI Bank Credit Card:

SBI stands for State Bank of India is an Indian, government-owned public sector banking and financial services corporation. The headquarters of State Bank of India is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is the largest bank in India which shares 23% of market besides one-fourth share of total deposit and loan in the market. SBI has ranked 216th in the list of world’s largest corporations in 2017 by Fortune Global 500.

SBI has one of those 50 global banks which have a balance sheet size of Rs. 30 Lakh crores, 24,000 branches, and 59,000+ ATMs giving financial and banking services to their 42 crores satisfied customers. These figures emerge after the merger with five large associative banks along with Bharatiya Mahila Bank on 1st April 2017. SBI has a gigantic overseas presence with its 195 foreign offices branched across 36 countries.

Not to mention, State Bank of India has been one of the most trusted brands when it comes to banking and financial services in the country. The bank has received great eminence due to its belief about taking responsibility to serve the less fortunate and underprivileged part of society for effective social changes.

Types of SBI Bank Credit Cards:

SBI offers a huge range of SBI credit cards which is customized according to the needs of their particular kind of customers. Each and every SBI credit cards have different features and offers. It totally depends that what you primarily intend to do with credit cards. It could be basically for online and offline shopping or could be mostly for travel and entertainment. The annual fees, eligibility, reward points, and other factors differentiate the credit cards from each other. Here are the types of SBI Credit cards

There are a lot of SBI Credit cards offered from the bank to the users like SimplySAVE SBI Card, simply click SBI Card, IRCTC SBI Platinum Card, Yatra SBI Card, Air India SBI Signature Credit Card, STYLE UP Contactless SBI Card, Mumbai Metro SBI Card, and SBI Card ELITE. SBI offers exactly 29 types of Credit Cards for their users in different categories like Lifestyle, Reward, Shopping, Travel & Fuel and Banking Partnerships as well. Some of the basic details are explained following. For more info, you can explore here about all SBI Credit cards.

  • Simply SAVE SBI Card

The joining fees SimplySAVE SBI Credit Card is Rs.499 and the annual fees are also Rs. 499 as well. It gives 2,000 bonus reward points on spending of Rs. 2000 in the use of first 60 days. There is 10X reward points on Dining, departmental stores, grocery, and movies where rest of the spends you get 1 Reward per Rs 100 to spend. The annual fee will be reversed on spending Rs. 90,000 in a year.

  • Simply click SBI Card:

Joining fees of the card is Rs. 499 + taxes and the annual fees are the same Rs. 499 + taxes. You will get Amazon gift card worth Rs. 500 upon joining.  Earn 10x rewards on their exclusive partner stores. Get E-voucher of Rs 2000 on annual spends of Rs 1 lakh or Rs. 2 lakh.

  • SBI Prime:

The joining and annual fees of SBI Prime Credit Card are Rs. 2,999. You will get 3000 gift voucher, 1000 gift voucher on Pizza Hut, Rs 7000 on Yatra and Pantaloon and much more. Complimentary, you will get Club Vistara Silver and Trident Privilege gold tier membership.

  • YatraSBI Card:

The joining of YatraSBI cost you Rs. 499 and same the annual fees as well. With the minimum booking of domestic hotels cost Rs. 3000, you get upto 20% off. There are gift vouchers of upto Rs. 8000 on Yatra and lot more offers and other vouchers as well.

  • SBI Card ELITE:

SBI Card ELITE comes with Welcome e-gift vouchers worth Rs. 5000 on joining. You will also get free movie tickets worth Rs. 6000 every year. The joining fees of SBI Card ELITE is Rs. 499 and annual fees are Rs. 499 as well.

How to Login SBI Credit Card Online

Applying for the SBI Credit Card online is quite easy as the website itself allows the user to make it so much accessible for them. Here are the different solutions regarding login for SBI Credit Card online.

How to create your online SBI Credit Card account online

Step 1:  Visit

Step 2: To get the offers on online SBI card services, click on ‘Register’

Step 3:  Enter your 16 digit card number

Step 4: Enter 3 digits CVV number which is provided back of your SBI Card.

Step 5: Enter your date of birth and click ‘Proceed’

Step 6:  Enter the 6-digit OTP number which you have received on your registered mobile number. Click on ‘Proceed’

Step 7: Final step of the process, enter a unique User ID and find for the availability for use with a green checkmark. Enter a password with a minimum 8 digit- characters long. Click to ‘Confirm’.

Step 8: Now you have registered to log in your online SBI Card on You can use this UserID and password for login to your account.

How to make SBI Credit Card Payment Online:

Just like the registering or checking the status of the SBI credit card application, performing the SBI credit card payment online is also quite easy and fast to do on the SBI Bank portal.  Here are the procedures for how you can pay your credit card bill online:

Step 1: Visit the website –

Step 2:  You have a login to your SBI account to do credit card payment online. Just click on ‘Login’ and enter your UserID and Password and click on the ‘Login’ button to proceed. If you haven’t registered yet, you need to register your account online first.

Step 3: After logging in to your account, click on the ‘Pay Now’ button you see at the front and read the Disclaimer. Click on the ‘Proceed’ if you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in the Disclaimer.

Step 4: You will reach to the payment page where you are supposed to choose either ‘total outstanding amount’ or  ‘minimum amount due’ or any other amount. Select your preferred payment option. Click on ‘Pay Now’

Step 5: You will be redirected to the chosen page of the transaction. On successful transaction, transaction reference number will be displayed.

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SBI credit card customer care number:

There are always a lot of questions, doubts and queries regarding Credit card whether it is about choosing one, knowing about particular one or others. There can be also doubts about redeeming the rewards or the purchase limit. SBI offers an active customer care number to reach out their customer care division. You can either approach for a general inquiry or ask for some real problem troubling you.  The toll-free number is available for customers all 24X7.

SBI Credit Card customer care number:  1800 180 1290 or 39 02 02  02 ( prefix local STD code in the number)

SBI Credit Card Toll-Free Number: 1800 180 1290


SBI is one of the most trusted banks around the world which offers a huge range of Credit cards for different purposes and categories. They have a total of like 39 credit cards about which you can get full information on the online SBI Banking portal. You need to first register or login to your SBI Credit card online for which you need to put the card details and create user ID and password. Next, you can apply for credit card online or in case you applied you can check the status of your credit card application. It is also easy to pay credit card online payment with few steps on the online portal.