Bajaj and SBI Personal Loan EMI Calculator – 2020

Bajaj EMI calculator for Personal Loan is an online tool that gives the month to month EMI, by entering the loan amount, interest rate, and reimbursement period to figure an Equated Monthly Installment (EMI).

EMI Definition – An Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) is a fixed sum (some portion of the repayment) for regularly scheduled installment, used to repay your remarkable loan. Personal loan EMI relies upon the loan tenure, principal amount, and ROI.


Know how to utilize Bajaj Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

EMI calculator is a basic device and straightforward tool. Personal Loan EMI calculator is very easy to utilize. You should simply enter the following data namely principal amount, loan tenure (in months), and rate of interest in %. The EMI calculator will utilize the data gave by you, run it against the EMI formula, and let you the EMI sum amount that you should pay each month.


Bajaj Personal Loan – EMI Calculator

Month to month EMI for a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv can be determined by entering the loan amount, repayment period and ROI in %. The Bajaj Finserv offers a maximum loan tenure of up to 60 months. Look at Personal Loan EMI for various principal amount and loan tenures.

If the loan amount is high, the EMI will likewise high, on the other side if the rate of interest is high then EMI will also be high. If the loan tenure is high, then there will be low EMI.

Top-Notch Benefits of Bajaj Personal Loan EMI Calculator

  • Month to month EMI assists with figuring eligibility to apply for a personal loan.
  • Based on EMI you can choose the correct loan amount.
  • You can check your month to month EMI, that is reasonable according to your income on different combinations of the loan amount, tenures and interest rates.
  • You can likewise calculate the total amount (Principle Amount + Interest) and total interest to be paid over the tenure of the loan amount.

In what way Bajaj Finance Personal Loan EMI Calculator Works?

Use the simple equation to find out the exact Personal Loan EMI within seconds.

E = P * r * (1+r)^n/((1+r)^n-1)


E refers to EMI.

P indicates the principal loan amount.

r tends to ROI calculated every month.

n – tenure/period/term of the loan.

Details of SBI Personal Loan EMI Calculator:


Use SBI Personal Loan EMI Calculator to check out EMI by entering key fields like Interest rate, loan amount, and tenure of the loan.

Repayment period

The loan amount is payable in 48 EMIs. You are permitted to pay more than the EMI without choosing any prepayment penalties.

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SBI Personal Loan – Maximum Loan Amount

SBI offers 12 multiple times Net Monthly Income for salaried people and retired people subject to a roof of Rs.10 lacs in all areas.

The State Bank of India is offering interest rates against loans ranging from 12% – 15.10% from 02 March 2020.

If you are worried about Personal loans and how to get the best EMIs for your loan amount, just compare the online sites to get the best loan offers.