Know Smart Things About JCPenney Credit Card

What is a JCPenney Credit Card? In the last 115 years JCPenney, formerly recognized as The Golden Rule, has expanded its retail presence, called after its creator, James Cash Penney. This includes 875 shops all over the US and Puerto Rico. Customers are pleased to shop for clothing and accessories at JCPenney and visit JCP and Sephora for the needs of beauty.

It makes sense that JCPenney has its line of credit cards with all the products and services available. And best of all, JCPenney simplifies the management of credit card accounts.


Is JCPenney Card Worthy to Have?


The JCPenney Credit Card is a challenging credit card for anyone to accept. Credit cards are not more faithful to the consumer, as these are the more commonly advertised credit cards.

The JCPenney Card isn’t the solution if you’re looking to buy a card to fund the purchases. The average interest rate for credit cards is approximately 13%, considerably lower than the credit card.

The only interesting advantages offered by the card are the Gold and Platinum memberships. You will need to make significant use of the card, which is extremely costly. It’s easier to just get and continue with a good cashback account for rewards.

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Like most store cards, if you are not a regular shopper at JCPenney, this is a zero benefit. But fans of JCPenney can enjoy the massive influx of special deals and rewards all year round.

Rewards of JCPenney Credit Card

Credit card members from JCPenney are automatically enlisted in JCPenney Rewards and entitled to earn a reward for purchases with their credit card account from JCPenney. You will be given a JCPenney Rewards point of up to a maximum point ($2,000) for every $1 spent on a qualifying acquisition at JCPenney stores.

You earn 1 point for each $2 spent on eligible transactions to the limit of 1 point for each other when using a separate method of payment. Upon reaching 200 points, a $10 JCPenney Rewards Certificate will be issued that can be redeemed on JCPenney eligible purchases.

How to Register JCPenney Card?

You will need to first build a JCPenney card access to the JCPenney Digital Credit Center website Follow the steps below:

  • On your JCP credit card or statement, enter your account number.
  • Click on the “Register” button from JCPenney’s online credit center.
  • Enter the ZIP code and the billing address for your JCPenney card number.
  • Select your user identity and password, and then click on “Continue.”

How to Manage JCPenney Card Account with JCPenney App?

To manage your credit card account, download the JCPenney app if you choose to use your iPad or mobile. You’ll see links for your account activity and pay online when logging into the system via your mobile device and select the JCPenney card option. To enter payment information, select the “Payment” option from the navigation bar.

The software also offers discounts, email price alerts, product information through scanning bar codes, tracking the JCPenney Rewards and allows you to make payments for in-store transfers, as well as reviewing your credit card account balance and submitting an electronic payment.