What is the Debt Management Plan? Does it hurt your credit?

Loan repayments are easy to take and hard to repay. Many people are struggling with loan repayments issues such as the loans they have taken “personal loan, home loan, car loan or credit card”. These all come under the debts of a person. Most of the people even look for solutions over the internet and they must have found the term “Debt management plan”.

The debt management plan could help you to manage your pending debts and could be a great help to the debt holders. It is one of the popular choices available for the UK debt holders who are in trouble and looking for an appropriate solution.


What is a Debt management plan?

A debt management plan is an informal agreement between the debtors and creditors. It is often from the third party service and for the people who are struggling to pay the agreed repayment amount on time.

It is generally an agreement between the debtors and creditors to make loan repayments on time towards outstanding debt. To be precise, they do not need to pay the original agreed amount to the creditors and with the help of DMP, they only need to pay some amount of money that suits their current financial needs.

A debt management plan and the company provider will help you to create a financial plan that suits your loan repayments and this would be excluding your living standards such as rent, food, and other essential things.

Does it hurt your credit score?

To be an instance, the Debt management plan is not a formal insolvency solution. Therefore, a debt management plan will often affect your credit score and block the access of taking another credit in the future.

It is because of the amount we are going to pay through this plan would be less than the actual and minimum promised amount. Hence, it will affect your credit score. Moreover, if the creditors check your credit profile, it will drastically be shown to them that you are on a DMP.

However, the bad report will get removed after five to six years once the debt is fully settled.

Frequently asked questions

Being an informal solution for the insolvency, DMP works in various ways. There are even a lot of questions that must be running in your mind as these plans work differently. Let me answers some of the frequently asked questions.

A debt management plan is a good idea?

It depends upon your circumstances. If you are not sure about your financial situation then having a debt management plan is a good idea. However, it is going to affect your credit score. 

How long does DMP last?

To be an instance, there is no period for the DMP. It is a flexible debt solution. Therefore, the length of the program will depend upon the current financial circumstances of the person. It could be calculated by considering the amount you owe and in how much time you would be able to clear your pending debts.