Top Business Checking Accounts for Business Entrepreneurs

You can maintain your official and personal accounts individually with a corporate checking account. Here are a few best checking accounts for businesses.

Suppose you already own or are thinking about starting a new company. In that case, you must have an appropriate technique to check the company. If you don’t, you can put your company and yourself in danger.

If you run a company, you’ll have many other reasons to worry, especially in comparison to using an individual checking account. 

First, you need to make sure your company’s finances are kept separate from your personal finances. If it isn’t, it can come with all sorts of risks, including corporate debt and legal obligations or problems when you pay your taxes.

This article will share our pick of the best checking accounts for businesses and some key factors to consider before opening an account.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.


The Best Business Checking Accounts

This compilation is not comprehensive. Bigger banks offer excellent business accounts for your company. 

However, many of them require larger balances, and their fee structure will reward more mature companies. Besides visiting this link, you will get more relevant pieces of information.

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BlueVine is a small business and web-based banking institution. They eliminate the most common business inspection fees so that you can spend more money on the company.

With BlueVine, companies don’t have to incur extra costs for inbound cash deposits, NSF charges, or ATM fees. You also get an online checking account. 

Additionally, suppose you only deposit $1 into your BlueVine checking account. In that case, they will pay you a 1.00% APR with a balance not exceeding $100,000.

By using the BlueVine app, you can use photos to deposit checks, and you can also use ACH transfers, bank transfers, or bills to arrange vendor payments. 

BlueVine has been operating since 2013, supporting small companies to grow. It has an established track record.


With Azlo, you will receive completely free banking services, including no overdraft and no minimum account balance. 

Azlo invoices, which are personalized, are among the amazing advantages for small companies. You can register and start billing your customers immediately.

Azlo also has connectivity with numerous services, including Square, Stripe, Kabbage, and PayPal for cashless transfer. Thanks to this, you can manage all electronic transfers in one place.

Bank Novo

It is another choice for transparent business checks. For your Novo company account, you do not have to spend anything. But organizations will receive discounts on corporate resources, such as Zendesk, Hubspot, Google- Cloud, and Stripe, as per member benefit.

The minimum deposit amount is $50, but you don’t need to maintain a monthly balance to keep your account.

Novo Bank is fully online, and in addition to withdrawing cash, Novo also provides the ability to perform all operations via the app. 

You can not only register for an account and get accepted within moments, but you can also sign in to your profile via your preferred smartphone after it is authorized.

You can also get free automated clearing house (ACH) transfers and incoming bank transfers. Bank Novo can also distribute it for free if you ever need to deliver a check via email or regular mail.

Chase Business Complete Banking

If you want to deposit money into a new business account, the Chase Business Complete Banking Profile is for you. You have to fulfill the necessary steps to earn $300 prize money.

  • Open your “Chase Enterprise Complete Banking” profile.
  • Deposit $1500 within 20 working days of the opening of the account.
  • Keep this starting balance for two months.
  • Complete five valid transactions within two months.
  • Get a debit card, 
  • Use automated clearing house (ACH) 
  • Use wire transfer 
  • Use Chase QuickDeposit.

Please note that this account requires a monthly fee of $15, but there are many ways to waive this fee.

NorthOne Business Checking Account

NorthOne Company Checking Accounts can provide you with all the advantages that other Business Checking Accounts may offer. You’ll get convenient online transfers, debit cards for local purchases, and mobile check deposits.

There are also a few aspects that hold NorthOne off from others. You may set up sub-accounts to divide business assets for salaries or taxes. If needed, you can also get help via live chat or a scheduled phone call with a representative.

NorthOne provides not only powerful mobile applications but also offers online banking services. It will help you handle sub-accounts, bill payments, monitor all purchases, and import data to MS Excel.

Predictability makes NorthOne Business Checking Accounts the perfect choice for businesses. 

You must pay a certain subscription charge, but there is no transaction restriction, so you can quickly build and manage a weekly budget.

Radius Bank Checking

Radius Bank Personal Checks is a new business checking account. 

Customized checks are designed specifically for small business owners and people with specific conditions and can help you earn money from unlimited transactions without penalties.

As with a personal account, you’ll receive free checks and 1% cash back for every dollar spent. You will also receive interest on any other checking or savings accounts that you maintain with them.

You will be able to experience numerous features as a business owner. 

You can add workers to your checking account conveniently, enabling them to start making transactions and set up their card payments for approved business purchases.

Suppose you are a business owner and want to provide a corporate checking account with rewards and interest while keeping costs low. In that case, made-to-measure Radius checks are a good choice.

Key Factors

Before you go out and sign up for a corporate checking account, there are a few key things you need to know.

Regarding fees, please read all the details carefully before signing up to understand what costs would be charged and how to reduce or avoid them altogether.


It doesn’t matter if you are already running a business or are a new entrant. If you have a business, you should have a corporate billing account. 

Each company has different needs, so be sure to check this out before registering an account. Otherwise, you may find yourself in situations that do not fit your business model. 

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