TD Ameritrade Review 2018 – Online Stock Trading, Broker

TD Ameritrade is one of the publicly online brokers also symbolize as AMTD. They are offering their services to more than 11 million people and also trade over 650000 every day. Well, AMTD charge the higher services price as compare to other, however still lots of people prefer them for their outstanding performances. Not just that, it’s not simple or easy to find the perfect broker that can be well rounded. Also for getting the best, there are lots of things where you need to look, for example, the list includes tools, performance, cost, a platform for trade, and their services for customers as well as investors. The broker asks for $6.59 as charge per trade which is the much larger amount as compare to others brokers but they deliver the best as well as quality results at the end.

TD Ameritrade Review


TD Ameritrade Review Platform & Tools:

AMTD successfully topped in the list of tools in trading and platform for the seventh time in the year 2018 as they offer huge options in tools and platforms. There are multiple tools that you get such as:

  • Backlisting
  • Charting social sentiment
  • Profiling of companies
  • Analyzing advances earnings
  • Economic and corporate calendar viewing
  • Conducting as well as creating scans of real-time stock
  • Workspace sharing and chart sharing

The list not just top here as there are lot more things that you get with Ameritrade, such as they recently added a few more innovations like FRED which also stands for Federal Reserve Economic Data. Apart from that, different tools help in understanding the whole thing much better and easy. Also, it improves the interface so the people can understand it easily.

Fees and commissions:

Like the previous record, the fees are much lesser as compare to previous charges. However, for lots of people the charges of Ameritrade are higher but still, they are the most recommended option in trading brokers. However, you are not just paying it for the transactions of every trading but in addition, you are getting multiple services as well. These services include:

  1. You have complete access and support from customer care
  2. They avail the advanced platforms for trading
  3. Also, you get ample research
  4. Not just that you also get quotes from relaxing time streaming sites
  5. Last but not the least, you get results that you want

These services make sense about why the fees are high and it’s reasonable too. Apart from that, Ameritrade is also ranked in the second position in a list of most expensive brokers in the year 2018.

Ameritrade Education & Resources:

For any traders, it’s important to have complete knowledge, and Ameritrade helps in gathering all kind of information that you are going to need. They provide a huge collection of resources like articles and videos in order to give more ideas about how such thing work. Also, it’s easy to access all these education material and resources from your device as it supports mobile and desktop. Not just that, they offer other various stuff so the investor can know and understand better, such as:

  • Webcast that is informative: different webcast are valuable which includes long-term investing, trading that is active, and management for portfolios etc and these all are available at one place without facing any hassle in accessing.
  • Ameritrade network: Get the best tips and inside information with the help of experts on Ameritrade network.
  • In-person events: there are various events held where you can interact with other people and also boost up you investor network. you can join different seminars that are based on topics like trading as well as investing.
  • Article and blogs:  There are over 200 different articles, instructional videos, and tutors available for helping those who don’t have the basic information or they want more when it comes to gaining knowledge. Not just that, it’s good as it helps to understand different aspects that investor should know when they are investing.

TD Ameritrade Broker Review:

Well, there are lots of reasons because of which people choose Ameritrade over any broker in the market. Ameritrade offers everything that actually trader look when they are hunting for ideal brokers in the trading market. Apart from the rate issue, there is nothing about the company which is not good. However, there are some plus points that you get but also there are few drawbacks that you need to know as it will help in understanding the bright and dark side of Ameritrade broker.

What are the plus points that you are getting with Ameritrade:

  • Minimum investing amount: well it’s one of the best parts of AMTD that there is no minimum amount for investing. You can even start with whatever you amount like to invest without worrying about anything. However, the rule recently changes as previously they used to ask for investing $2000 amount as a minimum. But due to the rule change, now it’s beneficial for those investors who want to invest with a lower amount. Not just for them but it also attracted more investors to invest.
  • Research tools that are powerful: Most of the brokers share a report to the shareholders so they can use it for investing in stock. However, it’s not really wise to decide anything, but Ameritrade provides reports related to investing and trading which includes Market edge, S&P columns, and the research team and jaywalk consensus. These reports are premium research which is from Zack like companies.
  • Fees are low: When it comes to online brokers, fees are one of the most important things that people look. Ameritrade broker charges are around $6.95 for each transaction. Also if you want to buy or sell stock you can do it with the easiest pricing. However, there is no doubt that the charges are not cheap but again if you consider the services you are getting, the process will not bother as its reasonable price to charge. Apart from that, they don’t charge for maintenance. So basically you are not even paying for that too. Also, some brokers charge $50 if your account doesn’t have enough balance. Well, you don’t have to worry about such things with Ameritrade brokers.
  • Tools for trading: The brokers are voted as one of the best trading platforms. Also, you can access the application of mobile trading. Not just that, the mobile platforms help in making the whole process much easier and simpler. Also, the mobile application supports different iPhones and window phones.
  • Services like Tax loss harvesting: It’s a new addition to the list of services, Ameritrade is now offering tax loss harvesting like services so you can get minimize loses. Not just that, it also helps in making strategies for improving the tax efficiency.  
  • Options for investing: There are huge options for investing in Ameritrade; here you can choose whatever you like. Also if you want to save money for your retirement or for your children’s future, you can do that here without worrying about anything for sure.

What are the drawbacks that you are getting with Ameritrade?

  • The fees and commission rate: The biggest drawback of Ameritrade is their cost which somehow limits their audience, the fees and commission are high as compared to they are in the market. This is one of the main points where Ameritrade falls back even providing amazing quality results and services.
  • Short term ETF and mutual fund fees: The redemption fees are much shorter time; you got only 90 days or sometimes lower rates at price. Also if you have free ETF Then it will only last for 30 days at least. If the time crosses, you will get charged amount $ 19.99 trading fee for the short term.


Well, there is no doubt that Ameritrade brokers are one of those companies where you don’t have to explain everything. They just get it what you really want and what you are really looking for. Also, they know what their customer need. Not just that, their experience in the field also help them you stay one step ahead to their competitors in the market. For any investor or traders, it’s a beneficial option to choose. Also Ameritrade perfectly with every requirement and need for sure. If there is anything that can count as a drawback of the company is their change which is high. But, they make sure that the services and results that you get will help you in understanding the reason behind high rates. As there is no other company who can match the quality of Ameritrade. So for those who are looking for easy, effective and best options, they surely can go for this one.

Ameritrade is working in the field, providing the best services and outstanding quality in their result which help them to stay in the market for the long run. Also their ability to understand customer ‘need help them to stay connected with the investors and traders.