SBI Credit Card Payment

Easy access to borrowed credit, universal acceptability, amazing discounts, EMI, and cash withdrawal advantage are some of the many reasons that make credit cards both dependable and preferable when it comes to making transactions. However, to enjoy these benefits and make the best use of your credit card it is critical to clear your credit card dues on time. Paying the bill is also important to prevent yourself from incurring interest and penalty charges along with suffering a reduction in your credit limit and a negative effect on your credit-worthiness and credit history.

Taking note of the urgency of clearing your credit card bills on time, SBI has made it extremely easy to process your SBI credit card bill payment on time. By making use of the advances in tech, you can pay your SBI credit card bills from anywhere and anytime using any of the SBI Bank credit card online payment methods. Along with making online payments, you can view your SBI card online statement as well!


What are the SBI Credit Card Online Payment Methods?

To have your credit limit restored, you can choose any of the below-mentioned SBI Bank credit card online payment modes.

SBI Credit Card Payment through Online Banking

  • Login to your account on the SBI online page
  • Go to the ‘Bill Payments’ tab and click on ‘Manage Biller’
  • Under ‘Add’, click on ‘All India Billers’ and select ‘SBI Cards and Payment Services Pvt. Ltd’
  • Enter the details requested along with the OTP.
  • Go to ‘View/pay bills’ and select ‘Without bills’
  • Click on ‘SBI Card’ as your biller and choose ‘Pay’
  • Enter the details- SBI account number and SBI credit card payment amount
  • Click ‘Submit’

Mobile Banking

  • Register for mobile banking and login to your SBI mobile banking account
  • Go to ‘Account Summary’ and select ‘Pay Now’
  • Enter the details and your SBI credit card bill payment amount- Total due, minimum due, or others
  • From the drop-down, choose the payment mode and click ‘confirm’
  • Once redirected, validate the transaction with MPIN or OTP


  • Download, sign up, and link your account or debit card to the YONO app
  • Log in to the app
  • Go to the ‘My Relationships’ tab and click on ‘My Credit Cards’
  • From the drop-down choose your linked SBI credit card
  • Choose the mode of payment, authenticate and complete the transaction

Auto Debit of SBI Credit Card Bill

You can also set up standing instructions for hassle-free SBI credit card online payment using auto-debit. Once registered for the service, your monthly credit card bills will be automatically cleared from your linked account.

SBI Credit Card Online Payment through Non-SBI Accounts

In case you do not have an SBI Bank Account, you can also pay your credit card bills from other accounts. This can be done in two ways-

PayNet-Pay Online

  • Click on the PayNet option under the SBI online account page
  • Fill the details-email ID, SBI credit card number, re-enter SBI credit card number, phone number and SBI card bill payment amount
  • Click on ‘Net Banking’ and choose your bank account from the list
  • Once redirected, fill the details and authenticate the transaction

If the bank you wish to pay from does not feature on the list of banks mentioned on PayNet, you can opt to use the NEFT payment facility available on your bank account. The IFSC code that you would need for making an SBI Bank credit card online payment using the NEFT facility is SBIN00CARDS. 

Pay using UPI

  • Download, sign up and log in to the BHIM SBI Pay App
  • Select the option ‘Pay by VPA’
  • Type in your VPA handle
  • Enter the SBI credit card bill payment amount and click ‘Go’.
  • Authorize and validate with MPIN
  • Click ‘Submit’ to complete the transaction

 For any further assistance, SBI credit card helpline is at your service!

SBI Credit Card Bill Payment- Offline Methods

If you prefer to make payments offline or do not have access to online channels, you can easily opt to make SBI Bank credit card payments offline in three ways.

1.  SBI card bill payment over the counter

You can opt to pay your bill at any State Bank of India branch near you. Fill in the ‘pay-in-slip’ available at the branch and submit it to the teller along with the cash. However, do note that cash payments made for SBI credit card payments attract certain transaction charges.

2.  Dropbox- Manual and Electronic

SBI credit card payment by cheque can be done by dropping a cheque at an electronic dropbox or a manual dropbox. You can find these drop boxes in any State Bank of India branch. In the cheque, mention your SBI credit card number in the payee section as ‘SBI Card No. XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX’. For manual dropboxes, remember to also write down your name and contact number on the back of the cheque.

3. Transfer of funds using ATM

SBI Card bill payment can be done from any of the 26000 ATMs of SBI. Once you have registered your SBI credit card at an ATM, you can proceed to pay the bill using the following steps-

  • In the card slot, enter your card
  • Once your card has been read, click on ‘services’
  • Choose the ‘Bill Pay’ option
  • Click on ‘SBI credit cards’ and select ‘SBI credit card payment’
  • Select your card from the drop-down for which you wish to make the bill payment
  • Enter the SBI credit card bill payment amount
  • Click on ‘Pay’ and choose your mode of payment to complete the transaction

Whether you choose the online methods or offline, make sure you clear your credit card bills before the due date has passed, so that you can reap the maximum advantages off your SBI credit card.