5 Profitable Tech Industries & Things To Consider Before Investing

To invest in a tech company lookout for its authenticity, switching costs, network effects, P/E ratio, and revenue growth.

Technology is evolving daily, from smartphones to cars, satellites, and medical sectors- technology is everywhere. Because of this immense growth, there has been a surge of investment in the tech industry.

tech industries

Investment in the stock market and tech stock has gained enormous popularity since the ‘90s because of the sumptuous return in tech companies over the years. The field has widened& became the center of attention.


What Is The Tech Industry?

The Tech industry is not all about hardware like computers, tablets, or smartphones. Instead, the industry is the combination of buying, selling, and providing services related to tech products.

The tech industry provides research purposes, distribution & tech-based services, hardware, software, and also the connecting platforms for these hardware & software.

That said, tech stocks hold massive potential in the stock market and have been at the top of the market charts for a long time. Back in 2017, the accumulative tech industry and Tech stocks were able to generate 34.28% profit. Which was definitely the highest of that fiscal year.

Numerous financial analysts and investment research firms often highlighted the new trend and potential of the tech industry. They also provide advice and investment ideas and Brownstone Research, a research publishing house is one of the most popular ones that provide in-depth analysis over different industries. If you are intrigued in investing in tech industries then you should certainly know more about it from this article sharing review of Brownstone Research

How To Measure A Tech Stock?

Certain parameters decide the benchmark of tech stocks. Without understanding the jargon of tech stocks, you will be at a loss. To analyze correctly, remember the factors below-mentioned:

For a beginner, it’s safe to invest in renowned tech companies. However, you can face loss if your analysis is wrong about the worthiness of that particular company. Try using the price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) to evaluate the stock’s market value.

For that, you need to divide the total share price by earnings-per-share. The outcome is easy to read, positive and higher values will indicate that the stock has potential.

For startups, you will have to look into their growth revenue because their price to earnings ratio will not reflect much. Check whether the company’s revenue and expenses are balanced. If the expense far surpasses the revenue percentage than that is a red flag for investment

Take a closer look at the company’s prospect. Search for the DNBE or Dollar based net expansion value and look for signs of growth. If you see a value of 110% it will mean that 10% more people invested in that company than last year.

It is important to start learning about investing in your twenties so that you can overcome unforeseen complexities.

Risks Involved In Investing In Tech Stocks

The tech stocks increase the chance of loss by being highly unpredictable. So, try to be as skeptical as possible. These are a few factors you should be aware of while investing in tech stocks.

The Fraudsters

Lots of tech organizations are rising every day, which might not have a set foundation. Most of the time, these organizations end up being phony or neglect to show any significant potential.

Money Source

Before putting resources into tech stocks, ask about their source of cash. f  If it’s a startup tech stock, they may not make incomes right away. Be careful with this circumstance. Startups can be risky to invest in but some startups also have immense potential.

Some people take loans to invest. This is not advisable since there are both positive and negative sides of taking a loan.

Investing that loan in a start-up is an even bigger risk. If you are a beginner and do not have much information about the particular start-up it would be wise not to invest a lot of money in it. You will be safer with established companies.


Before investing in a tech company or its stock ask yourself these questions.

How mainstream is this tech? Do you use it? How is their situation in the business? Who are the competitors?  Is their administration reliable? Securing a satisfactory answer to these questions is crucial for investing in any tech sector.

As you have understood how tech stocks work, let’s look at some of the most aspiring tech sectors which are worthy of investment.

5 Tech Industries To Invest In 2020

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence holds so much promise to make our lives easy. The specialists utilize AI in basic medical procedures, critical surgeries, security management, and spacecraft maintenance.

Artificial intelligence has been advancing at such a rapid pace that we now have virtual tours and will soon have AI-based grocery shops.

2. E-commerce

Internet shopping and retail business have increased significantly. On account of the pandemic, individuals are presently using internet business like never before to direct monetary exchanges. With more people now online the E-commerce industry is only going to have an upward trajectory.

Amazon and Ali Baba are two of the biggest players in this sector

3. Cloud Infrastructure

From going to online classes to leading the web gatherings, you need a bufferless web connection. Cloud computing guarantees that you may utilize the web even from far-off regions.

Likewise, to use the telemedicine offices, this cloud infrastructure is vital.

4. Cybersecurity

With more people staying in quarantine & using the internet for most purposes, cybersecurity holds paramount importance. To ensure safe browsing & to keep your data intact, you will need cybersecurity.

Cyberbullying, cyber threats, and the number of online predators have also increased and have gained people’s attention, making increased cybersecurity a daily necessity.

5. Social Networking

People now use social media for more reasons than just posting pictures.

Facebook and Instagram are being used for branding and marketing by almost every kind of new business.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to market your business if you can efficiently use social media. Investment towards these platforms has been growing every year.

Final Thoughts

Before Tech stocks used to be a speculative pick, but over the years tech companies have performed extremely well and maintained a steady flow. Do proper background research to make sure your investment pays off.