PNB Personal Loan Scheme for Pensioners – Punjab National Bank

Punjab national bank is one of the most leading banks of India, and they are currently providing top-notch banking services to the customers. We know that already that Punjab national bank is managed under the government of India. We know how senior citizens often need some funds to start something their own, and that is the reason, Punjab National Bank is providing PNB personal loan scheme services to the pensioners.

As I mentioned earlier, this services is mainly for the senior citizens who are retired and have urgent needs of funds from the bank. PNB personal loan scheme for pensioners is a kind of personal loan scheme in low-interest rates.


Features & Benefits of PNB Personal loan Schemes:

This is one of the best step taken by Punjab national bank and the government to provide a personal loan scheme to the senior citizens of India. Let me mentioned some of the features & benefits of having senior citizens personal loan from one of the best banks in India (Punjab national bank).

PNB personal loan scheme for pensioners

  • If you have made term deposit, then the rates of interest will be 0.5% higher than usual.
  • If you are a retired person and want to move your place of living, then PNB will help you in this by remitting your retired pension account.
  • You will be getting a free collection of dues/payments and also the cheques as well.
  • The free nominal facility to attach with the loan account.
  • You can avail up to 50% of concession for all types of remittance.
  • You can credit outstation cheques of Rs 15000 immediately to your account.
  • Senior citizens also offered the new passbooks for them.

PNB Personal Loan Scheme for Pensioners Interest rates

The interest rates for availing senior citizen pensioners personal loan from Punjab national bank is starting from 9.60% and the usual interest rate for every other person availing a personal loan from PNB is more than 15%.

The interest rates are reasonable if we compared with any other bank. There is no bank which offers less than 10% interest rate on a pensioners loan scheme. However, 18% GST will be applied for any other services from Punjab national bank, and this is already in effect from July 2017.

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How to Apply?

There is nothing much you need to do for the application of a new pensioner personal loan scheme conducted by the government and offered to the senior citizens of India by PNB. 

You only need to visit the nearest branch of PNB or in which you are having your account. After that, you need to ask any bank executive for the loan scheme, and if you are eligible, they will tell you the documents required and the time they needed to process your loan.


This is the 21st century, and not only the young ones but the senior citizens do often need some urgent funds as well. We know that It is hard to avail the loan from any bank after the age of 60. However, Punjab national bank is offering the pensioner loan government scheme for the citizens of India. In this post, I have mentioned every detail you need to know for availing PNB senior citizen personal loan.