Is it better to get a mortgage from a bank or mortgage company?

A mortgage is the kind of loan an investor or an individual gets to help them purchase property either for residential or commercial use. When the individual or company buying the property cannot raise the needed amount, they may seek funding from banks or other mortgage financiers.

There are various ways to obtain a mortgage, but there are two that are most common. They are banks and mortgage brokers. A mortgage company or private mortgage lender is a firm carrying out funding mortgages for both residential and commercial properties. A private lender is the originator of the loan but may seek funding from other investors or financial institutions that provide the capital.

Although traditionally, people obtain mortgage loans from banks and other financial institutions, they may not be possible for specific individuals. There are certain criteria that banks use to qualify the borrowers for mortgage loans. Sometimes the borrower may not meet the requirements making it impossible to obtain funding from the banks. That when the borrowers seek an alternative.

Private lenders Australia are alternatives to those who cannot qualify for loans from banks but want to invest in properties. The banks, in most cases, offer mortgage loans at a lower interest rate and for a more extended period. On the other hand, the mortgage companies are short term lenders and also charge a high-interest rate. However, if you cannot qualify for a bank mortgage loan, a private loan is the perfect alternative.


What is a Private Mortgage Australia?

A private mortgage Australia is a contract between a borrower and a lender who wants to invest the money in real estate. The mortgage is given on secured funding provided over a fixed term and fixed interest rate. The mortgage loan lenders may be individuals, a group of people or a company willing to lend money to the borrowers to advance their real estate investment plans.

How Does a Private Mortgage Loan Work?

Before understanding how private mortgage loans work, it is essential to know private finance Australia’s sources. The source of the funds to be used for private lending can be from any of the following sources:

  1. A wealthy individual who is willing to lend out the money to borrowers with an intention of gaining from the borrower’s interest. The funds may include retirement benefits and any other lump-sum payment or savings made by the individuals.
  2. A group of individuals or investors who come together and collect funds for lending purposes. The investors could be investing in other sectors and have additional funds they can invest in mortgage loans.
  3. A company willing to invest in real estate through private mortgage lending.
  4. A group of family members helping you to buy a home.

A private mortgage loan is given to investors or business people who want to invest the loan in real estate. That means for them to qualify for the loan, there must be a property that they have identified to invest in when they get the money. The lenders use the property to be bought or renovated as the security for the loan. The value of the house should cover the amount of mortgage disbursed.

The private lender assesses the property and provides the money depending on whether the property will cover the loan. The funds may be given by a friend, your family, business or any other private source. The only thing the lender wants is to know your ability to repay the money. You have to submit your documents and the property deed to act as the collateral in case you fail to repay the loan.

The best thing with private mortgages Australia is that the lender will not subject you to credit scoring. That means you can get the loan despite your poor credit history. The loan will be repayable at a higher interest rate and also paid in the short term.

The loans also take a shorter period for approval with a high approval rate than the conventional mortgage loans. You can also use the loans in different ways, like buying property to renovate and sell, or buying business property for use as business premises, among others.

How do I Find a Private Loan Lender in Australia?

To get a private loan in Australia, you have to identify a lender by talking to friends or looking for them online. You can also use private mortgage brokers to connect you to lenders. If you are looking for a private mortgage lender, go to, and you will be exposed to hundreds of private mortgage lenders ready to deploy private funding in Australia.