How To Successfully Carry Out Top Money Saving Challenges?

There are challenges that seem impossible to complete, and among them is a money saving challenge. Regardless of the amount, the willingness to gather an amount of income and avoid spending it prematurely is one of the most difficult decisions to make. Before you get discouraged and lose hope, put a little creativity into the process and put your savings skills to the test. Next, we present the top most effective challenges that will surely help you to see more of your money and use it to materialize the dream of obtaining a house, a car, a business idea, or the long-awaited studies.


Challenge Of The Saving a Small Amount

If what you want is to test your ability to save, this is the perfect challenge for you. Recycle a 2.5-liter plastic bottle and inside it, until it is full, keep all the coins you have without exception. One of those bottles holds approximately 300 coins, so calculate all the savings you will have. Never before have coins been so valuable!

To achieve this, we recommend that you write what you would like to obtain with that money in the future. Decorate the plastic bottle to your liking and by seeing it, instead of causing a headache, it will motivate you to fill it completely.

30-Day Challenge

Your saving willpower will be put to the test in record time. The challenge is to allocate an initial amount to start with and, during the remaining month, each day increase one unit to what you have arranged at the beginning. For example, if you saved $100 the first day, the next day you could add $20 to save $120, and the day after that it will be $140 and that will continue to feed your piggy bank. The initial amount is proposed by you, get creative and decide on the right amount, which you know you can increase as the days progress.

Discount Challenge

If you like to go shopping, you will love this challenge. It consists of acquiring the products and services that you need or want when they are at a discount. At the end of your purchase, look at the original price of what you obtained and the difference saved, and keep it in a safe place. By doing this, you can continue saving for the future without having to completely abstain from buying.

52 Week Challenge

Meeting this challenge will be the ultimate test that you are a persistent person. To complete it, you must save the amount corresponding to the number of the week in which you go. For example, the first week you will save $100; the second $200, and the third $300. A variation of this challenge is to save the amount corresponding to the number of the day of the week. Thus, on Monday you will save $50; on Tuesday $100 and Sunday $350. You will save the same amount every week for a full year.


Don’t let the process continue to be boring and daunting. Put these challenges to the test. From now on, you will love saving so much that finding ways to save money will become your lifestyle; And if your thing is not to repeat the challenges, and you have already completed them all, another way to achieve your dreams is to find your own ways to saving money.