How To Get A Low-Interest Personal Loan

When it comes to managing unplanned and planned expenses, personal loans are undoubtedly a convenient solution, whether it’s a medical emergency or a home renovation. Essentially, everything that needs quick financing.

With regard to a personal loan, the loan’s terms rely upon pretty much on your financial profile. In particular, your monthly income, your age, your credit score, the city you live in, your debt-to-income-ratio, your job, as well as the correlation between your outstanding debt and your income.

These factors are very important in determining the interest rate and the loan amount you’ll be offered. It means people with a strong financial profile normally have high chances of getting a low-interest personal loan.

If your profile isn’t up to par, don’t worry! Below are some ways for which you can acquire a better interest rate on your personal loan. Read on!


What A Personal Loan Costs You?

A personal loan is a way to use your income tomorrow for today. Unlike other loan options, the process of getting a personal loan is straightforward. As a matter of fact, when you have an account with a bank, you will be offered many different personal loan offers.

Personal loans are simple to get and offer lots of perks, you should keep in mind that the interest rates are quite higher than an auto loan. It is because personal loans are unsecured loans.

Meaning, personal loans are not guaranteed by any asset. That said, you do not have to put up a property or car to get the loan. Even so, the loan amount and its rate rely on several factors like repayment capacity, credit, and income.

Additionally, there are different versions of personal loans today, like the 300 dollar loan that you can apply online with Personal Money Store. In fact, some of these personal loans are called instant loans. Instant loans are pre-approved loans, meaning the lender already knows your information.

Another thing, even though these loans are easy to get, they are not that easy to repay, however. Keep in mind that personal loans often come with extremely high-interest rates. The good news is that there are ways for which you can get low-interest personal loans.

Be Flexible

If, for example, the credit risk is overly high, consider adjusting or modifying either the tenor or the principal amount. Remember that getting a huge amount of loan means that your equated monthly installments will be high.

That said, you might want to reassess your financial needs and choose a lesser loan amount. Another thing, you can change your loan tenor, as well. The tenor of your loan influences or impacts your equated monthly installments inversely.

To examine or inspect this relationship, you can utilize a loan equated monthly installments calculator. For your advantage, it’s wise to get the shortest tenor of your loan you can handle. It removes the doubts of your lender and restricts your total interest because your financial profile will remain foreseeable over a short period.

From that time on, if you are restless or edgy with your EMI’s size, then you can consider expanding the tenor of your loan slightly.

Choose A Lender You’re Comfortable With

Nowadays, many different lenders offer personal loans. However, it is smart to approach a lender you have had dealings or a good relationship with. The main reason for this is that you get to have several benefits and perks that you normally would not have if you went to a new lender.

Say, for example, your current lender might be more convinced or assured that you’ll pay back what you owe without default because the lender is aware of your financial behavior and income.

Likewise, you might acquire a much better interest rate or several other perks to recompense your loyalty.

Reveal All Your Sources Of Income

If you have other sources of income aside from your job, it’s important that you disclose them to your lender. Say, for example, you might have a solid investment portfolio or steady rental income, or have just reaped benefits from a stroke of good luck again.

Moreover, the concept or notion here is to cut down or minimize the lending risk by proving that you have enough income to pay back the loan. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to get a part-time job. Simply speaking, you just need to use all your earnings to your advantage and prove that you have a steady income.


With these strategies or methods, you can, without a doubt, get better interest rate offerings from your creditor. That said, if you want to apply for a personal loan, consider the points mentioned above and make a thorough decision. Other than these approaches, you can apply with a co-applicant, offer an asset as a guarantee, or look for seasonal loan deals to get a low-interest personal loan.