How to Balance Education With a Running Busy Business

Even after setting up a successful business, you may still want to go back to school to further your education. There are lots of benefits that come with furthering your education, including a sense of satisfaction and more knowledge to make your business even better.

Your only challenge may be getting enough time to focus on your studies, especially if your business is busy day in day out.

Balance Education With a Running Busy Business

We’re going to look at ways you can successfully juggle between running a busy business and getting that bachelor’s or master’s degree.


Make a plan

This is the most important part. You can’t expect to simply work and study at the same time without having a schedule otherwise you won’t really know what to do, especially if your business or job is demanding.

You need time for both! Your schedule should include when you’re going to study and how much time you’ll spend on it (and your business) each day and week. Be as specific as possible: ‘I will use Saturday morning starting from 8:00 AM until 10:30 AM to study for my entrepreneurship exam, then I will go to the gym.’ A plan is vital to ensure you succeed in both running a business and studying successfully.

Set up a strategy

Decide what classes or subjects you will take and set up a plan for when you’ll be taking them. If possible, try to study in the morning when you feel most refreshed and alert. Use this time to focus on your studies and, if possible, don’t check your emails or phone until after at least one hour of studying. You may also want to make use of free time during weekends (when your business is less demanding) to do some preparation for classes ahead: look over chapter summaries, read lecture notes, and review class material that was covered earlier in the semester.

Get enough rest

It’s not just about how much you work or study but also about when you get these tasks done. Brains don’t function as well when exhausted so don’t study when you’re worn out. Get enough rest, both during the night and through breaks at work or school. Otherwise, your brain can’t function as well which potentially leads to poor grades, if not worse!

Prioritize studying first but still do business

Just because you want to further your education doesn’t mean you have to stop running a business, especially if it’s successful and profitable even with very little guidance from you. However, what is important is that you prioritize studying first then take care of business afterward. The last thing you need is an unhappy customer who isn’t getting proper attention because your mind’s somewhere else (like focusing on class material). You also obviously shouldn’t neglect your studies just because you want to do business.

Allow someone else to manage the business for you

If you have a business that doesn’t require very much attention, then consider hiring another person to handle the day-to-day stuff. This way, your business will continue to run smoothly even if you’re very busy with school work. However, this is only an option if you’re running a business that’s not reliant on one person or of vital importance, so think about whether it’s the right kind of business for this or not.

Choose an online school instead of a physical one

Many people prefer studying in a physical classroom over taking courses online, but if you want to make studying and business easier, you could consider getting an online degree or program. Life can get unpredictable, so being able to study from anywhere at any time is definitely convenient, especially when your schedule’s tight! Another great thing about studying online is that you can get a cheap online college and study affordably.

You can successfully juggle between your busy business and getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree by simply making a plan, setting up a strategy (class schedules, for example), prioritizing studying, and getting enough sleep. Only study during certain times of the day and set breaks at work or school so your brain doesn’t function as well. If you don’t prioritize studying first, then take care of business afterward, you might be neglecting one or both, which is not good!