How I Earned $8,000 By Trading Cardano (ADA) Futures on BTCC In 40 Minutes

People often tell me about investment returns and stories of making big money from investing. I don’t know if they’ve really made sustainable money with their investment methods, but the people I know, observe and follow have paid their risk high prices. This article will share my own story about how I made a profit of $8,000 from $400 of initial capital. This is a completely true and illustrated story, not for skeptics. Simply, if you find it inappropriate, you can next.

I live in a poor countryside, my parents are also poor and their livelihood is mainly by farming, hired labor and fishing. Fortunately, I studied at a fairly reputable university and was relatively well-trained. That makes me dare to dream and be consistent with my dream. But I’ve always wondered if there’s a way to get closer to the world’s income level, or at least not in the middle income economies?


Financial investment door with Cryptocurrency Futures

All the things I did to make money before entering the financial investment threshold, although I am not very passionate, to become an investor you must create a steady flow of money. Monthly and have a spare amount to avoid being pressured during periods of high market volatility.

So along with all this, I’m still engrossed in reading books on investing and practices and trying it out with the money I save from my full-time and online jobs.

Why did I choose BTCC exchange?

1 year ago also in the rainy season in October 2020, I started my investment at BTCC. And I have been using it steadily until now.

This is just one of the hundreds of exchanges that are present in Vietnam, and this is just one of the dozens of exchanges that I have used.

The reason that I chose BTCC is that it fulfills all my requirements for a highly reputable exchange, with 10 years of experience in the crypto space and offers massive leverage up to 150x.

I have deposited and withdrawn many times and I have never been disappointed with BTCC’s system.

This exchange also has a full range of trading indicators (more than 70 indicators) and a variety of major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, LTC, BCH, …. so you can choose to trade.

I know many investors who enter the market by some kind of invitation. But to be secure with your investment and long-term commitment to this market, you need to find a reputable exchange that can meet your requirements.

How I Earned 8000USD in 40 Minutes Trading ADA Futures?

I started at BTCC like all the other exchanges I joined with a 400 USDT deposit.

For the first few months I tried to trade with a small volume according to a certain method with the trading system as the guide, adhere to capital management and get the first profits.

After about 4 months, in an opportune moment according to the trading system I have always followed, I used x50 leverage and to trade ADA crypto futures. And my trading system gave the right indicator. I opened a Long position near the bottom, the price bounced up and I made 8000 USDT in just 40 minutes with x50 leverage.

Patience, discipline and persistence are indispensable elements

In financial investment, you should not be too hasty, it is important that you be consistent with the path you have chosen.

Investing is not a place where you can easily make money, I’ve lost face-to-face countless times because of it. Each time I stop investing to think about the system and my way of investing, after a while I try to get up and start over.

Investing is not for those who lack patience, discipline, and persistence. I really haven’t seen a successful investor who lacks these things.

We often invest as if we don’t enter then the opportunity will pass and there will be no second time. In fact, the market often moves in the opposite direction than you think.

Thinking and acting hastily is the most dangerous weapon that wipes out your account, think again, have you ever lost all your capital and at that time you were wiped out for any reason? ?

After many bad times with the stock market, I have learned a lot of lessons for myself and now I have found a method that suits my personality to make a real living in the crypto market.


Trading with ADA crypto futures and other cryptocurrencies can be very profitable, but comes with a lot of risk, so keep these simple tips in mind to minimize your risks. . If you know what you’re doing, leveraged trading on BTCC with Futures can be an effective tool for increasing your profits. However, make sure that you are fully aware of all the risks involved and know how to manage your capital before deciding if this is the right approach for you.

For professional users, they always use website trading. While for normal users, I suggest you download BTCC – Trade Bitcoin & Crypto App  and trade everywhere.