7 Differences Between Comprehensive Car Insurance And Third Party

When it comes to insurance for your car, you need to consider several factors before making a final decision. The first thing you have to remember is the type of insurance coverage you are looking for in your car. People should know about the particulars regarding comprehensive insurance policy and third party insurance policy. Once you understand these terms then you can confidently pick the insurance policy that will suit your needs and requirement. The main aspects of the insurance scheme are based on the kind of coverage it offers. The comprehensive car insurance will cover only for your own damages but the third-party insurance covers you against third-party damages and injuries. In this segment, we are going to acquire certain information concerning about differences between comprehensive and third party insurance.


Things to know about Comprehensive Insurance:


The comprehensive insurance policy offers complete protection against damages to your vehicle in case of accident and road-mishap. It also provides coverage towards damages due to natural disasters and man-made calamities such as floods, fire, theft, etc. The policy coverage is improvised by opting for add-ons like engine protector, zero depreciation cover and accessories cover, medical expenses and so on. This scheme is highly familiar because it offers end-to-end coverage and it takes less procedure for the policyholder. Without having this policy, then you have to spend your pocket money on expensive repairs of damages and injuries. But it is often expensive than standalone third-party insurance cover. However, it gives plenty of benefits to their users which will include you can claim for accidents.

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Facts of Third-Party Insurance:


The third-party insurance will cover against any legal liability and also covers damages and injury caused by the insured to other person or property. If you are not going with a comprehensive insurance policy, then avail the third-party car insurance that is a legal form of a car insurance policy. This will protect you from damages and losses that are caused by third-party. For instance, if you bump into a car or damage the personal property then third-party car insurance will cover for those losses. By using this will protect your pocket money from traffic fines. Because this insurance is mandatory by law, if you not having this then it impacts you to pay penalty fines.

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Major differences between the third-party and comprehensive insurance policy:


Car insurance is required by law to drive a vehicle. Before buying the car insurance policy, you have to understand the common things around comprehensive and third-party insurance. The following are some of the details for your consideration:

  1. The third-party offers coverage to damages and losses which is caused by third-party person or vehicle. But the comprehensive will covers damages and injuries to you and your own car.
  2. The comprehensive policy is applicable for both damages to your car and third-party damages as well. You can also get benefit from no claim bonus during insurance renewals. The third-party protects in accidental hurt to somebody on the road or damage of the vehicle.
  3. These two insurance policies vary in their limitation. The third-party does not provide the cost of damages to your own car. But the comprehensive will offer this so that it is slightly costlier than third-party car insurance.
  4. The third-party insurance policy has no customization under this plan. In the comprehensive policy, you can customize your plan by adding add-ons and covers such as zero depreciation cover, return to invoice, breakdown assistance, etc.
  5. The range of prices can vary based on their schemes. Third-party car insurance policy is cheaper than comprehensive plans. Because the premium price is predetermined by IRDAI based on your car. The comprehensive is much expensive due to the factors of the city you drive in, and the model of your car.
  6. The value of your vehicle is low, then purchase third-party insurance using this repairs to the damages could be managed easily. In case, if you have economical to pay the repair bills then choose the high premium of comprehensive insurance cover.
  7. If you are having an old car or rarely drive then buy third-party insurance would be sufficient for your needs. If you have enough budget to get the best insurance, then pick the comprehensive plan which will give complete coverage and more beneficial to you.

For getting the best insurance plan, ask your insurer about cover for things such as other vehicles, rescue, glass breakage and injury to the driver. Consider the type of car you drive affects how much you need to pay for car insurance. Finally, all car companies require full collision and coverage on vehicles until the loan has been paid.