Bitcoin Trading: Benefits and Detriments of Day Trading

If you are a trader, you must have heard or used the strategy of day trading. Most of the time, crypto day trading strategy proves to be highly lucrative if appropriately executed. But sometimes, day trading is a challenge for new and young traders because they don’t have knowledge and experience about the crypto market. If you aren’t prepared and have less knowledge about strategies, you must learn about all the different strategies of the crypto market that include day trading, swing trading, scalping and more. You must download Bitcoin Prime login to start trading cryptocurrencies to gain maximum knowledge and benefit.

In this article, we will focus on day trading only. In the day trading method, traders can conduct manifold traders to earn profits through short movements in the market. Let us learn about the benefits and detriments of Day trading.



With day trading, there are a plethora of benefits that are related that traders can get. Along with some benefits, there are some detriments as well. We will cover both benefits and detriments in this article.


Unlike the stock market, the bitcoin market isn’t regulated, and therefore trading bitcoin doesn’t come with rules or restrictions. No age and experience matters or necessary while trading bitcoin, which means you can even start trading bitcoin anytime. Trading bitcoin using a day trading strategy doesn’t come with any barriers.

24/7 open

The best benefit and facility that crypto trading provides to its traders is the market that is open 24/7. Traders with great plans and strategies can take the best advantage of opportunities with a crypto market that never gets closed. Traders can trade at any time of day and even night.


The main fear of traders is the market of cryptocurrencies because it is very volatile. The value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fluctuates in seconds. The strategy of day trading can be converted into a highly profitable instrument. A volatile market can provide traders opportunities to earn high profits if they enter and exit into the market at the right time.

Undeveloped market

The bitcoin market is highly volatile, and even experienced traders don’t have complete knowledge about the cryptocurrency market, which is a great benefit for beginners. In the crypto market, there are thousands of new and young investors and less-experienced traders. New traders can benefit from gaining experience and knowledge by learning from the market on when to get in and out from the market to avoid loss.


Along with so many benefits, there are some downsides or traders that traders need to know about before entering the market and dreaming of getting rich.


An unregulated market of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is both beneficial and detrimental. There have been many cases when exchanges get hacked or disappear to fraud everyone’s money then you can’t seek help from any authority.

No authority or individual controls the bitcoin market, and therefore no one can help recover the losses. Most day traders try to make high-volume orders, but before you do so, you must learn that no one can ever help you recover your funds if there is any hack or loss of data.

News and events

The bitcoin and crypto market is highly volatile because of news and events that take place daily. Every day there is some bitcoin news, and you won’t believe but even the small news influence bitcoin’s price and make its market volatile. A negative trend can negatively affect its value, whereas positive news or trends can make its price reach the sky. This makes it difficult to predict the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in future.


Cryptocurrencies emerged a decade ago, and their market is relatively small. It becomes difficult for traders to get out of their position in the market for the price they expect that they will get. It is entirely not suitable for day traders specifically.

24/7 market

The 24/7 crypto market is both a benefit and a demerit for traders. Traders often find the 24/7 market as an opportunity to hold positions and earn massive gains, but it is not true in reality. Most of the time, all day traders have to enter the market and wait all day long to see the profitability in their positions.