7 Benefits of Health Insurance Plans

Health is a blessing bestowed upon us by the Almighty and we feel it only when we are sick. The human body only works best when it is fit and healthy, otherwise, all aspects of life, including work, sports, and general daily work, are affected. Below are some of the key benefits and features that are available when you choose Health Insurance Plans.



1 Multiple Types of plans: 

Multiple types of plans: If you are an undergraduate, it makes sense to buy a personal health plan for you, but if you are the sole food provider of your family, what if your spouse or children are sick? This can become a big hassle of having to pay for regular tests and medications. It is best to get a family health plan for your family to cover medical expenses that can put a dent in your monthly budget.

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2 Types of illness covered: 

Types of the disease: Fever, fever, and cough are common types of illnesses that come and go, do not cause much anxiety or require large amounts of money to deal with. But what if you need surgery or have a cancer diagnosis or have a major bypass. All these diseases are important and require huge amounts of medical procedures and medicines. With a health insurance plan, you can get peace of mind that in times of unforeseen illnesses, you can get quality health and medicine without burning a hole through your savings. So all complex and non-critical diseases are covered.

3 Terrorism and Accidents: 

Terrorism and accidents: Pakistan is not the place for the law and order situation. Terrorist activities can go away at any time. Firing and bomb explosions happen suddenly and cause loss of life and injury. Additionally, there are health insurance plans that cover fire and demolition of buildings or any other type of accidents such as road or personal injuries, which can provide a 360 degree cover against unexpected events in your daily life.

4 Pre/Post Hospitalization Cover: 

Pre / Post Hospital Coverage: When you receive health insurance, you can choose to seek treatment at any network of hospitals offered under your insurance provider’s contract. However, if you are suffering from a minor illness that you can treat at home or have suffered a minor injury/fracture, do not worry because your Health insurance plans will cover the cost of treatment at home rather than in the hospital. Costs.

5 Accidental Death and Permanent Disability: 


Accidental Death and Permanent Disability: Accidents cause disability and death is inevitable and unpredictable. The insurance company will reimburse your next of kin or spouse in the event of such an unfortunate incident, and you can be sure even when you are named. They have some sort of cash protection to use in their daily expenses.

6 Tax Benefits on Health Insurance

The amount you pay for a health insurance premium that is claimed as a tax deduction under section 80D. You can claim ₹ 25,000 yearly for a healthiness insurance plan. If you pay a premium for your parents’ health insurance policy, you can claim up to ₹ 30,000.

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Making money is no use if you don’t have a life. Think about yourself, your family, and the importance of life. You know the importance and benefits of a health insurance policy. If you haven’t already, start one.

7 Health Insurance Claim Process

A health insurance policy equips you to get the best health care without having to worry about the huge costs involved in the eviction. Therefore, learning about the claim process is important information that an insured person should be aware of at all times.

There are two major health insurance claims that a person can choose when making a claim:

  • Cashless Claim Process

When the insured person presents their health insurance details to the respective hospital, he/she will start receiving treatment. Once discharged, the hospital will send medical bills to the designated health insurance company. The company will audit costs and settle arrears due to the hospital. The process is hassle-free for the insurer as it pays between the hospital and the insurance company.

  • Refund Claim Process

In the reimbursement claim process, an insured person admitted to a particular hospital pays the entire treatment until discharge. Once the insurer pays for treatment and hospitalization costs, he/she must reimburse the specified insurance company. The insured person has to pay the hospital’s original bills for health insurance and pay it back. The insurance company will audit the claim and then decide to approve or reject it. Upon approval by the insurance company, the policyholder will be entitled. The insurance company will notify the insured person if the claim is rejected.