How to Register / Activate UCO Bank Net Banking Online?

People often face doubt in activating net banking. It has become important these days as well. It is no doubt that Banks are the financial institution that processes the money transaction of the economy. However, everyone is so busy these days that we don’t have enough time to do our work at a regular pace. In this scenario, no one has enough time to go shopping, or even charging their phone, and buying other things. This is where you would need to activate UCO Bank Net Banking. UCO Bank offers many online features such as online payment, tax payment, online shopping and so on. Since this happens at an accelerated pace.

UCO Bank provides electronic banking services to its customers on a regular basis. All you need is a UCO bank account and a debit card to use UCO Bank online banking.

uco bank net banking

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How to create and setup UCO Bank Online Banking?

Step 1: Open your browser and visit the official website of UCO Bank. The link to UCO Bank is Clicking on this link will open it in your browser. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection. If you look down, you will see the option of electronic banking. Click on the link written as E-Banking.

Step 2: After clicking on the Net Banking UCO Bank registration link, a small tab with 4 options will appear. From there you select the new registration. This will take you to a page where the registration process begins.

Step 3: Read all terms before starting an online bank registration. You will find a link to the Terms and Conditions page is on the same page. Click on the link to clarify all your doubts.

Step 4: Now enter the 15 digits of the account number in the requested column. The account number is usually located in the account book. Use it to find the same.

Step 5: Enter at least one of the last five transactions. If you don’t remember your recent transactions, please call the using the registered cell phone to 09213125125

Step 6: Now click on the “Send” button. OTP, which is a one-time password, is sent to your mobile phone number that is registered with UCO Bank. Enter your one-time password and log into your online UCO bank account.

Registration with UCO Bank Net Banking and the Login Procedure

As soon as you have received the user code and transaction code, you will have access to Net Banking.

  • Go to the same official UCO Bank page and click on Electronic Banking.
  • Now on the Input tab, select an item with four options.
  • You can enter your username and password to log in to your account.

How to activate UCO Bank Net Banking?

If you have a UCO bank account, you can activate directly to Net Banking.

To do the same, first of all, Visit the nearest UCO BANK branch or go to the website

UCO Bank issues you an account (form). You need to enter the required details such as, date of birth, and other relevant information and send it to the bank branch.

You can request an E-BANKING and M-Banking form from the bank, fill it in, and send it in together with the account opening form.

register uco bank netbanking

When you fill in the form now, the bank will take some time to process your form and within a few days, you will become a user of UCO BANK.

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Tips to Activate UCO Banking and M Banking:

1) Electronic banking or E-Banking

E-banking is a term that customers can use to process their transactions and payments online. The bank allows customers its customer to make financial transactions on a secure SSL website with high security. The bank strives to make online banking as easy and safe as possible. UCO Bank has sent a request that you must use to access Net Banking.

Registration for UCO e-banking

  • You can download the e-banking form from the following link: UCO Bank e-banking application
  • or you can contact the nearest bank branch to receive the form. Simply fill out the form and return it to the bank manager. Your e-bank account will be activated within a few days.

2) m-banking

It is a mobile application that can be used to view your account information, transfer money, pay bills and more. With this feature, your account would be very safe. You will know every time the transaction is executed from your account.

Registration for UCO-M Banking

You only need a GPRS compatible cell phone card from UCO Bank. You can register in m-banking with a debit card or by contacting the branch and filling in a form for mobile banking. It takes a processing time of 2 business days ago.

NOTE: The use of this facility, which the bank makes available to its customers completely free of charge provided to you by UCO bank.


I hope that this article could clear all your doubts relating to Activating UCO Bank Net Banking. If you are still facing problems, contact your branch support team. If they are unable to help, contact UCO bank using their customer care number. Other than that, you can also leave your doubts and queries here as well.