4 Community Development Ideas

Communities are an integral part of any society. However, just like society, communities do not grow and sustain themselves without some form of effort. Community development is required for a community to be sustainable and thriving. Community development is both a process and an acknowledged discipline, and involves cooperative actions that serve to benefit the community as a whole. There are even individuals such as Roger O’Steen Jacksonville and groups like the PARC group, managed by Founder Roger O’Steen of Jacksonville, that specialize in community development. There are many options for community development. Here are four community development ideas to consider suggesting to your own community or discussing with a community development expert.


1. Community Garden

One possible community development project is developing a community garden. A community garden will encourage cooperative work and foster a sense of family and cohesiveness among community members who work on and in it. A community garden will also encourage healthy living by providing fresh vegetable options.

2. Public Library

Reading is truly a gateway to knowledge, understanding and imagination. However, not everyone can afford a steady stream of books to read. Setting up a public library will greatly benefit any community by promoting non-screen activities and the growth of the mind.

3. Decorative Tree

Planting some trees around the community will improve the community’s aesthetic appeal. It will also foster a sense of environmental responsibility in community members.

4. Walking Path

Installing a walking path is also a great community development project to broach. It encourages exercise and provides a place for people who need a quiet location to walk and find peace in their thoughts without worrying about being run over by a car.

These are only a few ideas out of many. There are many ways to incorporate community development in your community. So continue to explore community development and its many different possibilities.