SEI Ecosystem: What Projects are getting Built on SEI?

SEI has consistently achieved remarkable speeds, finalizing blocks at an impressive 390 milliseconds, solidifying its position as the fastest chain in existence. The recent proposal for SEIv2, the first parallelized EVM blockchain, aims to blend the strengths of Solana and Ethereum. This upgrade leverages optimistic parallelization to significantly enhance transaction processing speed. SEI continues to evolve, pushing boundaries in blockchain technology to deliver optimal performance and state-of-the-art solutions.


Top Projects on Sei Ecosystem


SparrowSwap, a dynamic decentralized finance (DeFi) platform on the SEI ecosystem, invites users to embark on a seamless trading and staking journey. To get started, secure a SEI account through Keplr, a user-friendly wallet extension. After obtaining test tokens from the faucet, navigate to the SparrowSwap testnet platform. Connect Keplr and accept the SEI chain message to initiate trading and staking activities. Users can acquire a SEI account either through Keplr wallet or by running a local SEI client. SparrowSwap ensures a pirate-themed adventure with Jack Sparrow, enabling users to navigate the high seas of decentralized finance effortlessly. Embrace the world of SparrowSwap and set sail for lucrative opportunities.


Levana Trade revolutionizes cryptocurrency trading with native tokens, offering a unique combination of 30x leverage, minimal fees, and unparalleled safety. The platform ensures zero insolvency risk, safeguarding your Profit and Loss (PnL) at all times. Designed for cost-efficiency and profit protection, Levana Trade requires no sign-ups, enabling private on-chain trading. With features like adjustable fees, market-neutral strategies, and upcoming farming opportunities, it caters to diverse trading needs. Additionally, real yields await liquidity providers, enhancing the value proposition. Join a vibrant community of over 150k active members and explore the future of secure, cost-effective, and community-driven crypto trading with Levana Trade.


Astroport, a celestial marketplace soaring amidst the stars, offers a decentralized, permissionless, and open-source trading platform where galactic traders converge. Governed by its community of token holders, Astroport provides a public good accessible from anywhere in the galaxy. With the inclusion of Immunefi, users can earn up to $100,000 for discovering bugs and vulnerabilities. Built in Rust, Astroport introduces a paradigm shift in decentralized exchanges (DEXes), supporting various liquidity pool types and featuring a next-gen user interface with data-rich charts. This autonomous platform allows traders and liquidity providers to engage seamlessly across multiple blockchains, fostering a dynamic and ever-accessible marketplace.


The TRUST ALUM project, active from 2023 to 2025, addresses water management challenges in the Baltic Sea Region, focusing on eutrophication and historical phosphorous loads in lakes. Operating in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, the project aims to promote the ALUM water treatment method as an effective solution for combating eutrophication hot spots. By building trust through activities like ALUM treatment demonstrations, creating supportive tools, and establishing an expertise hub, the project seeks to overcome barriers such as lack of know-how and skepticism. Funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2021-2027 program, TRUST ALUM aims to enhance water quality and ecosystem services in the region.


Smart contracts with Pyth, offering secure and reliable market data from institutional sources. Access high-fidelity oracle feeds tailored for mission-critical systems across crypto, equities, forex, and commodities. Pyth ensures real-time market data delivery to over 50 blockchains, with contributions from major market participants like Jane Street, CBOE, Binance, OKX, and Bybit. With 450+ data feeds engineered for DeFi standards, 300+ trusted applications, and integration with 50+ blockchains, Pyth processes 90M+ updates daily. Elevate your smart contract operations with precise, secure, and real-time data feeds, empowering decentralized finance across diverse financial instruments.

DV Chain

DV Chain has been at the forefront of providing seamless access to crypto markets, offering peak availability, stable spreads, and superior pricing. Experience the power of technology-driven trading with their best-in-class RFQ access portal and API integrations. DV Chain sets the standard for platform uptime, ensuring unmatched pricing stability. With swift KYC/AML onboarding, deep actionable liquidity on a global scale, and intra-day settlement with access to multiple payment rails, DV Chain minimizes slippage and market risk. Their commitment to competitive pricing and industry-leading customer service makes them the go-to liquidity partner. Explore white-labeling options and discover unparalleled support with DV Chain.


Entangle provides a customizable and interoperable data infrastructure designed for both Web3 and institutional applications, focusing on communication, liquidity, and scalability. With over 35 integrated DApps, connections to 10+ blockchains, and 1.35 million testnet transactions, Entangle powers DApps with interoperability. The platform supports various features, including trustless bridging, cross-chain DApps, smart contract automation, GameFi infrastructure, omnichain stablecoins, and more. Utilize Entangle’s Liquid Vaults for increased capital efficiency, enabling the refinancing of yield-bearing assets. The Photon Messaging Protocol, Web2 data connectivity, and custom price feeds further enhance the ecosystem’s capabilities. Start building with Entangle to unify Web3 and optimize DApp ecosystems.


Satori revolutionizes trading on zkEVMs, offering the first on-chain derivatives protocol designed for all users. With support on Polygon zkEVM, zkSync, Linea, Scroll, and Base, Satori boasts a total trading volume surpassing $20.97 billion, an open interest of $2244.04K, and a user base of 428,537. Experience the freedom of trading with Satori’s user-friendly interface, providing an array of features for both professional and casual traders. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a novice, Satori’s sophisticated tools, comprehensive strategies, and streamlined execution empower users at every level. Join Satori to transform your trading experience on zkEVMs.


In conclusion, SEI stands as a pioneer in blockchain technology, showcasing unmatched speed on its mainnet beta. SEI aims to revolutionize transaction processing through optimistic parallelization. The incorporation of SeiDB in SEIv2 signifies a fundamental shift in state management, emphasizing the commitment to scalable and efficient blockchain solutions. SEI continues to push boundaries, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and high-performance blockchain infrastructure.

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