Manta Ecosystem: What Projects are getting Built on Manta?

Manta Pacific, the pioneering EVM-equivalent ZK-application platform, has launched its mainnet, showcasing unparalleled scalability and security through Celestia DA and Polygon zkEVM. Manta fosters a dynamic ecosystem with projects like Galxe, Izumi, Orbiter, Pyth, ApolloX, and Okx, redefining DeFi, liquidity, and on-chain experiences. With low fees, high scalability, and innovative features like Universal Circuits, Manta Pacific attracts developers and users alike. Join the growing Manta ecosystem, offering diverse applications, from decentralized finance to social platforms, creating a seamless experience for real-world users. Explore Manta and its ecosystem projects driving the future of blockchain technology.


Top Projects on Manta Ecosystem


Bifrost Voucher MANTA (VMANTA) tokens are currently not available for trading on exchanges listed on CoinGecko. Information regarding the availability of VMANTA on centralized or decentralized exchanges will be updated as soon as it becomes available. Users interested in VMANTA’s price movements can stay informed by adding VMANTA to their CoinGecko watchlist. As of now, there is no specific launch information provided for VMANTA tokens. Stay tuned for updates on the availability and launch of Bifrost Voucher MANTA tokens on various exchanges.


Beacon Interactive Systems LLC, established in 1994 and located in Waltham, MA, operates in the Systems Software Development Services sector. With an estimated annual revenue of $2,262,700, the company employs around 15 staff members. Specializing in interactive systems development, Beacon Interactive Systems is situated at 465 Waverly Oaks Road #301, Waltham, MA 02452. Contact them at (617) 441-9229 or visit their website for more information. While providing comprehensive services, Beacon Interactive Systems has yet to receive any reviews. Businesses with similar profiles include CloudFountain in Belmont, Centius in Cambridge, and Desktop Access Systems in Winchester.

Berkeley Xcelerator

Berkeley Xcelerator, established in 2019, is a prominent non-dilutive accelerator launched in collaboration between Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, SCET of Berkeley Engineering, and Blockchain at Berkeley. Hosting a global community, the Xcelerator has successfully accelerated 85 companies, with a remarkable $450M+ raised in follow-on funding. As a key component of Berkeley RDI, it serves as the institution’s third pillar, focusing on community and entrepreneurship. With an impressive track record, over 60% of Xcelerator’s teams have secured follow-on funding, solidifying its reputation as one of the premier university-based blockchain accelerators globally.

SevenX Ventures

SevenX Ventures, rooted in the symbolic magic of the number seven across diverse cultures, serves as a bridge fostering unity in the blockchain realm. Drawing inspiration from Eastern symbolism, where Buddha’s seven steps lead to the blossoming lotus, and Western traditions, acknowledging the seven days of creation, SevenX Ventures embraces cultural diversity. The venture’s manifesto reflects on a world aspiring for identity and data ownership, mass accessibility, and global unity. As an experimental venture, SevenX Ventures envisions and actively contributes to the realization of this interconnected and united world through innovative blockchain solutions.

Qiming Venture

P0x, the cryptographic team behind Manta Network, secured $25 million in equity during its Series A funding round, with Qiming Venture Partners and Polychain Capital leading. The funding aims to expand the development team’s work on zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs, particularly in Ethereum-based projects. Notably, this marks a shift from previous token-based fundraising, demonstrating a commitment to building the team rather than specific products. Manta Networks focuses on providing privacy for crypto asset and NFT transfers, emphasizing security, data protection, and decentralization. The equity investment aligns with investors’ desire for a closer relationship with the development team.

Celer Network

Celer has integrated its cBridge with the Manta Pacific Mainnet, a groundbreaking move for EVM-native modular execution layers designed for widespread ZK applications adoption. This integration facilitates seamless token bridging on the Manta Pacific Mainnet, utilizing cBridge to support BNB, AVAX, and MATIC transfers. Users can now easily move these tokens across different blockchain ecosystems, including BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon. Manta Pacific, known for its scalability and cost-efficiency in deploying ZK applications, fills a crucial gap in the EVM-native ZK applications landscape. Celer supports asset and token bridging via the xAsset model, enabling smooth cross-chain user experiences and discussions for integrating the Inter-chain Messaging Framework.


CARV’s mission is to empower users with data self-sovereignty and establish a consent-based, privacy-preserving mechanism. The CARV ecosystem comprises the CARV Protocol, a composable self-sovereign identity (SSI) oracle, and incentivized data-sharing platform, and CARV Play, an AI-powered super app focusing on social, credentialing, and gaming. The existing challenge involves massive data generation, lack of user control, and privacy issues. CARV addresses this by building an incentive-aligned infrastructure, offering true data self-sovereignty. The CARV Protocol utilizes privacy-enabling technologies like Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP), ensuring a robust foundation for large-scale data aggregation. CARV Play, the flagship application, enhances user awareness of data self-sovereignty through a gaming context, employing credential-gated, token-based incentive mechanisms.


BingoOx is an innovative platform revolutionizing the online gaming experience by combining bingo with the power of blockchain technology. With a focus on transparency, fairness, and user engagement, BingoOx introduces decentralized and provably fair bingo games. Players can enjoy a secure and trustless environment, assured of fair play through blockchain’s immutable nature. The platform’s native token enhances the gaming ecosystem, allowing users to participate in governance and earn rewards. BingoOx aims to redefine the standards of online bingo, providing a decentralized alternative that emphasizes community involvement and integrity in every gaming session. Join BingoOx for an exciting and transparent bingo experience on the blockchain.


Caldera’s groundbreaking collaboration with Manta Network unveils a cutting-edge Zero-Knowledge-native Layer 2 (L2) solution named Manta Pacific. This EVM execution layer leverages Manta’s Universal Circuits and ZK interface, providing a modular, scalable environment for privacy-focused applications. Manta Pacific introduces advancements like Universal Circuits 2.0, offering a ZK library for simplified contract calls and features low fees and fast transactions through Celestia and the OP Stack. With over 80 applications and 1.5 million users, Manta’s ecosystem expansion includes zkNFTs, catering to GameFi, SocialFi, and DeFi, marking a significant stride in enhancing web3 and ZK experiences. Victor Ji, Manta’s Founder, emphasizes the synergy of ZK, Celestia, and the OP Stack for optimal ZK use cases.


Aspecta unveils a transformative partnership with Manta Network, unlocking innovative possibilities in the realm of decentralized identity. Collaborating to pioneer ZK-native Layer 2 solutions, the venture focuses on enhancing privacy, security, and interoperability. Manta Network, renowned for its expertise in Zero-Knowledge applications, brings a wealth of experience to this collaboration. The joint effort aims to develop Manta Pacific, an EVM execution layer tailored for ZK applications. By harnessing the power of Manta’s Universal Circuits and ZK capabilities, the project promises a scalable, modular environment for building privacy-centric decentralized applications. This strategic collaboration positions both Aspecta and Manta Network at the forefront of blockchain innovation.


Within the thriving Manta Ecosystem, a diverse array of cutting-edge projects is emerging. The propelled by the innovative capabilities of Manta Network. These projects span various domains, from DeFi and gaming to social applications. Noteworthy initiatives include Galxe, a SocialFi platform fostering web3 community growth. And Izumi, a multi-chain DeFi protocol providing Liquidity as a Service.

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