Injective Ecosystem: What Projects are getting Built on Injective?

Injective, an open-to-all public blockchain, employs a Tendermint-based Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, leveraging the Cosmos SDK. This unique PoS approach involves validators staking INJ tokens to secure the network, earning rewards and risking stake loss for malicious behavior. Injective stands out with its lightning-fast performance, boasting over 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) and near-instant transaction finality. Unlike many blockchain networks, it prioritizes environmental friendliness. This efficient framework supports smart contract compatibility and interoperability, making it an ideal choice for DeFi applications. The Injective ecosystem is poised for diverse projects capitalizing on its speed, cost-effectiveness, and robust features.


Top Projects on Injective Ecosystem


Mito introduces a collection of automated trading vaults, leveraging sophisticated trading algorithms typically reserved for institutions and hedge funds. Powered by Web3 smart contracts and supported by Injective’s groundbreaking infrastructure, these vaults enhance liquidity and accessibility across the ecosystem. Mito democratises trading for users without prior experience, facilitating potential earnings while simplifying the Web3 experience. Users can effortlessly join a vault, trading with stablecoins or preferred crypto pairs. The user-friendly interface allows transparent portfolio management, with fast transactions and low fees courtesy of Injective. Participants receive Mito Vault Tokens, representing holdings, and can amplify rewards through token staking. Early access offers a smart contract-enabled strategy for kickstarting crypto portfolios and earning rewards effortlessly.

Black Panther

Black Panther Injective revolutionizes decentralized finance (DeFi) by providing enhanced scalability, security, and interoperability through the Injective Protocol. Its groundbreaking interoperability bridges gaps between blockchain networks, enabling seamless asset transfers and cross-chain interactions. This feature unlocks diverse DeFi opportunities, broadens accessibility, and maximizes capital efficiency. With a focus on user data and fund protection, Black Panther Injective employs multi-signature wallets, cold storage, routine security audits, and a robust validator network. The platform’s high transaction throughput, low fees, and near-instant finality further propel DeFi growth, ensuring a responsive and seamless user experience. Black Panther Injective stands as a transformative force, addressing fragmentation, transaction costs, and security concerns in the DeFi ecosystem.


Helix, the premier decentralized crypto exchange powered by Injective, is now live, marking a significant evolution from Injective Pro. The platform introduces advanced features like decentralized stop-limit orders, an intuitive convert interface for on-chain order book trading, and zero gas fees. Helix supports unlimited cross-chain crypto assets and perpetual markets, offering best-in-class security, rapid transaction speeds, and market-leading rebates. With a redesigned interface, advanced order types, and seamless portfolio organization, Helix has quickly become one of the fastest-growing exchanges, surpassing $7 billion in cumulative trading volume across spot and perpetual markets within a short span, solidifying its position as a gateway for mainstream crypto trading.

Talis Protocol

Talis Protocol emerges as a leading NFT framework on Injective, bridging the physical and digital art realms. Beyond being a marketplace, Talis is a free, open, and user-friendly platform ready for integration into the broader Cosmos ecosystem. Hosting numerous popular NFT collections, Talis facilitates collaboration among artists, offering opportunities for joint projects. Artists can leverage Talis for 1/1 standalone tokens, auction or direct sale of standard collections, and randomized NFT minting through “candymachine” collections. The platform allows whitelists with private/public phases, enabling role-based advantages and early access. Additionally, Talis supports custom royalties, empowering artists to benefit from reselling their creations.

Injective Pro

Injective Pro, the pioneering DApp on the Injective blockchain, has rapidly become one of the fastest-growing exchanges, exceeding $4.5 billion in trading volume since its mainnet launch. The team continuously iterated based on community feedback, leading to Injective Pro V2’s beta release, offering a dynamic and decentralized backend. This latest version, now publicly launched, delivers a powerful decentralized exchange with a user-friendly interface catering to both seasoned DeFi users and newcomers. This introduces a revamped homepage serving as a user-friendly launchpad, optimized market displays, and ongoing plans for additional upgrades in the coming weeks and months.

Injective Staking

Injective Staking offers a straightforward 4-step process for users to earn INJ rewards. Firstly, they need to install the app on their system and set up a wallet. Following that, users deposit INJ into their account. The third step involves staking INJ by selecting a validator. Finally, users can claim their rewards every 24 hours, enjoying the benefits of staking on the Injective platform. This seamless staking experience not only contributes to the security and decentralization of the network but also allows participants to actively engage and earn rewards through their contribution to the Injective ecosystem.

Injective Dollar (INJ)

Injective (INJ) is currently experiencing a decline in its price, currently at $32.24 per INJ with a total market cap of $2,845,797,158.80 and a 24-hour trading volume decrease of 37.61%. Despite its recent fall, INJ has achieved over $4.5 billion in cumulative trading volume since its mainnet launch. The 24-hour price change indicates a 4.05% decrease, with the highest exchange rate at $33.989 and the lowest at $31.389. Over the last month, INJ has seen a 22.98% decrease, while its value has increased significantly compared to a year ago. The Injective Dollar continues to be actively traded on various platforms, providing insights for potential investors and traders.

Injective Bridge

The Injective Bridge stands as a lightning-fast, low-cost, secure solution for seamlessly transferring cross-chain assets onto the Injective network. Offering unparalleled speed, this bridge ensures swift and efficient transactions at minimal costs. Security is prioritized, providing users with a safe environment for asset transfers. As a crucial component of Injective’s ecosystem, the bridge facilitates the seamless movement of assets between different blockchain networks, enhancing interoperability. With its user-friendly interface and robust security measures, the Injective Bridge empowers users to bridge assets effortlessly, contributing to the overall accessibility and efficiency of the Injective platform.

INJ Staking Pool (ISP)

Initial Stake Pool Offerings (ISPOs) represent an innovative fundraising method in the cryptocurrency space, distinct from traditional Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). In an ISPO, participants stake their existing tokens in a designated pool, earning project tokens based on the amount staked and duration of the stake. This model fosters community involvement, incentivizes long-term holding, and serves as an alternative fundraising avenue for projects. Unlike ICOs, where tokens are purchased outright, ISPOs emphasize commitment and engagement through staking. Furthermore, ISPOs differ from IPOs by distributing project-specific tokens or equity in exchange for staked assets, offering a unique approach to ownership and rewards.


The Injective Ecosystem is witnessing a diverse array of projects leveraging its capabilities. From Mito’s automated trading vaults democratizing access to sophisticated trading algorithms to Black Panther Injective revolutionizing DeFi with unparalleled interoperability, numerous ventures are thriving. Helix, the premier decentralized crypto exchange, adds advanced features like decentralized stop-limit orders. Talis Protocol emerges as a leading NFT marketplace, bridging physical and digital art. Injective Pro, the fastest-growing DApp on Injective, continues to evolve with its V2 release.

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