HINDUSTAN ZINC SHARE PRICE TARGET 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030

Predicting share price changes in the fast-paced world of stock investment is like looking into a crystal ball. However, investors can acquire invaluable insights into the future course of a company’s stock by conducting thorough study and analysis.

n this article, we examine Hindustan Zinc’s share price goal from 2023 to 2030, revealing a path that piques readers’ curiosity and catches their imagination. We want to know: Is Hindustan Zinc a decent stock to buy?

We’ll be looking at past performance, income growth, and PAT. Join us on this thrilling adventure as we examine the potential and options that exist inside the range of the share price goal for Hindustan Zinc.


About Hindustan Zinc

Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) is an Indian mining company that specializes in zinc, lead, silver, and cadmium production. It was previously a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) called Metal Corporation of India. In 2003, it was sold to Vedanta Limited, becoming its subsidiary. HZL is the world’s second-largest zinc producer and is headquartered in Udaipur. It operates under the leadership of CEO Arun Misra.

The company’s revenue in 2023 was 34,098 crores INR (approximately US$4.3 billion). HZL plays a significant role in the global zinc industry and has subsidiaries like Hindustan Zinc Alloys Private Limited.

How to purchase Hindustan Zinc shares?

Below are the trading platforms that you can use to purchase Hindustan Zinc shares:

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Hindustan Zinc Share Price Target 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
July 2023 ₹335.69 ₹291.90
August 2023 ₹342.40 ₹311.27
September 2023 ₹350.27 ₹318.43
October 2023 ₹343.41 ₹312.19
November 2023 ₹352.68 ₹320.62
December 2023 ₹363.26 ₹330.23

As of July 18, 2023, Hindustan Zinc is trading at Rs.319.50 with a marketcap of Rs. 1.35LCr. Hindzinc share price is down by 1.72% YTD. However, the price is expected to perform much better in the remaining 2 quarters of 2023.

As per our price target, Hindustan Zinc can at max can reach ₹363.26 by December 2023. Hindzinc minimum price target for 2023 is ₹291 (March 2023).

Hindustan Zinc Share Price Target 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹382.38 ₹332.50
February 2024 ₹394.20 ₹342.79
March 2024 ₹398.18 ₹346.25
April 2024 ₹361.99 ₹314.77
May 2024 ₹339.89 ₹295.56
June 2024 ₹407.87 ₹354.67
July 2024 ₹387.48 ₹336.94
August 2024 ₹426.23 ₹370.63
September 2024 ₹447.54 ₹389.16
October 2024 ₹430.32 ₹374.20
November 2024 ₹434.63 ₹377.94
December 2024 ₹438.97 ₹381.72

Hind Zinc share price targets for the year 2024 suggest bullishness.

In January, the stock is projected to reach a maximum price target of ₹648.10, while the minimum price target is expected to be ₹498.54. As the year progresses, the share price targets show a gradual increase, indicating a positive return potential for investors.

The stock demonstrates a bearish trend in May, with the minimum price target reaching ₹446.69, followed by a recovery and an upward trajectory in the subsequent months.

The maximum price target for the year is anticipated in December at ₹862.00, suggesting a significant growth opportunity.

Overall, the Hind Zinc share price targets for 2024 indicate a favorable outlook for the stock, with the potential for investors to gain returns throughout the year.

Hindustan Zinc Share Price Target 2025

HINDZINC Share Price
Target 2025
Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹447.75 ₹344.43
February 2025 ₹471.32 ₹362.55
March 2025 ₹494.89 ₹380.68
April 2025 ₹441.86 ₹339.89
May 2025 ₹401.69 ₹308.99
June 2025 ₹441.86 ₹339.89
July 2025 ₹420.82 ₹323.71
August 2025 ₹438.36 ₹337.20
September 2025 ₹460.27 ₹354.06
October 2025 ₹487.89 ₹375.30
November 2025 ₹497.65 ₹382.81
December 2025 ₹507.60 ₹390.46

The table presents the projected Hind Zinc share price targets for the year 2025.

In January, the stock is expected to have a maximum price target of ₹507.60, while the minimum price target is projected to be ₹308.99.

Throughout the year, the share price targets demonstrate an overall upward trend, indicating potential upside for investors. The average target for the stock increases gradually from month to month, reaching its highest point in December at ₹507.60.

This signifies a positive trajectory and potential growth in the stock’s value. Based on the targets, the stock shows a favorable outlook for 2025.

However, it is important to note that investment decisions should consider various factors, and it is advisable to consult with financial professionals for personalized recommendations.

Hindustan Zinc Share Price Prediction 2026-2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 ₹631.93 ₹412.35
2027 ₹622.14 ₹435.50
2028 ₹1,119.86 ₹783.90
2029 ₹2,300.36 ₹1,610.25
2030 ₹2,561.77 ₹1,793.24

The projected Hindustan Zinc share price targets for the years 2026 to 2030 show a range of potential prices. In 2026, the maximum price target is expected to be ₹631.93, while the minimum price target is projected to be ₹412.35. As the years progress, the share price targets continue to fluctuate. In 2027, the maximum price target is anticipated to reach ₹622.14, with a minimum price target of ₹435.50. However, from 2028 onwards, the share price targets show a substantial increase. In 2028, the maximum price target is projected to be ₹1,119.86, while in 2029, it is expected to reach ₹2,300.36. By 2030, the maximum price target is projected to be ₹2,561.77, with a minimum price target of ₹1,793.24. These targets indicate the potential for significant growth in the Hindustan Zinc share price in the coming years.

Financial Condition of Hindustan Zinc: Last 5 years

Narration Mar-19 Mar-20 Mar-21 Mar-22 Mar-23
Sales             21,118.00          18,561.00          22,629.00          29,440.00          34,098.00
Expenses             10,448.00            9,691.00          10,957.00          13,214.00          16,586.00
Operating Profit             10,670.00            8,870.00          11,672.00          16,226.00          17,512.00
Other Income               1,782.00            1,911.00            1,819.00            1,082.00            1,382.00
Depreciation               1,883.00            2,279.00            2,531.00            2,917.00            3,264.00
Interest                   113.00                112.00                386.00                290.00                333.00
Profit before tax             10,456.00            8,390.00          10,574.00          14,101.00          15,297.00
Tax               2,500.00            1,585.00            2,594.00            4,471.00            4,777.00
Net profit               7,956.00            6,805.00            7,980.00            9,630.00          10,520.00
EPS                     18.83                  16.11                  18.89                  22.79                  24.90
Price to earning                     14.70                    9.65                  14.45                  13.61                  11.78
Price                   276.85                155.40                272.90                310.15                293.35
Dividend Payout 106.21% 102.44% 112.77% 78.97% 303.22%
OPM 50.53% 47.79% 51.58% 55.12% 51.36%

The financial bank statement for the last five years provides insights into the company’s growth. Over this period, the company’s revenue exhibited consistent growth, with a maximum revenue of ₹34,098.00 in March 2023, compared to ₹21,118.00 in March 2019.

Similarly, the company’s net profit showed a positive trend, reaching a maximum of ₹10,520.00 in March 2023, compared to ₹7,956.00 in March 2019. The earnings per share (EPS) also experienced an upward trajectory, indicating growth in profitability.

The company’s operating profit margin (OPM) remained relatively stable, averaging around 50% throughout the five-year period. Despite some fluctuations, the company’s price-to-earning (P/E) ratio displayed a decreasing trend, suggesting a potential undervaluation in the market. Overall, the company exhibited consistent revenue growth and profit growth, highlighting its performance and potential for investors.

Hindustan Zinc share price target by Experts

JM Financials on Hindustan Zinc share price target

JM Financials has given a buy call on Hindustan Zinc. According to the brokerage firm, you can continue buying Hindustan Zinc share with a target price of Rs335. (.24-Apr-2023)

HDFC Securities on Hindustan Zinc share price target

HDFC Securities has given a buy call on Hindustan Zinc. According to brokerage firm, you can continue buying Hindustan Zinc share with a target price of Rs339. (30-Aug-2022)


What is the significance of the share price target for Hindustan Zinc Ltd?

The share price target provides an estimate of the expected price range for Hindustan Zinc shares in the future, helping investors make informed decisions.

What are the projected share price targets for Hindustan Zinc Ltd from 2023 to 2030?

The projected share price targets range from ₹291.90 in 2023 to ₹2,561.77 in 2030, indicating potential growth opportunities.

How are these targets determined?

Share price targets are determined based on various factors such as historical performance, industry trends, financial indicators, and market analysis.

What factors contribute to the expected growth in Hindustan Zinc Ltd’s share price?

Factors such as consistent income growth, government policies, positive PAT (Profit After Tax), revenue growth, price of raw Zinc, and profit growth over the past years contribute to the expected growth.

Is it advisable to buy Hindustan Zinc shares based on these targets?

The share price targets provide valuable insights for investors, but individual investment decisions should consider personal financial goals and risk tolerance.

Are there any risks associated with investing in Hindustan Zinc Ltd shares?

Like any investment, Hindustan Zinc shares come with certain risks, including market volatility, industry-specific challenges, and economic factors that may impact the company’s performance.

What should investors consider before buying Hindustan Zinc shares?

Investors should analyze the company’s financial health, competitive position, management efficiency, and industry outlook before making an investment decision.

Q9: Can the share price targets change over time? A9: Yes, share price targets are not guaranteed and can change based on evolving market conditions, company performance, and external factors influencing the stock market.

What are the long-term prospects for Hindustan Zinc Ltd?

Hindustan Zinc Ltd’s strong financial performance, projected growth in share price targets, and its position as a leading player in the mining industry provide a favorable outlook for long-term prospects. However, thorough research and ongoing monitoring of the company’s performance are crucial for informed investment decisions.


Conclusion: Should you buy HindZinc?

A positive prognosis for potential investors is demonstrated by the examination of Hindustan Zinc’s share price predictions from 2023 to 2030.

Over the last five years, Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) has exhibited steady growth and financial stability. The company’s sales have consistently increased, reaching 34,098 crores INR in March 2023, indicating a growing demand for its products. HZL has maintained a strong operating profit margin, ranging from 44% to 56%, highlighting effective cost management and operational efficiency. Net profits have steadily risen, reaching 10,520 crores INR in March 2023. This consistent profitability has translated into an upward trend in earnings per share (EPS), which reached 24.90 INR. While dividend payout percentages have varied during this period, ranging from 79% to 303%, the company has demonstrated a commitment to distributing profits to its shareholders. Overall, based on the last five years’ financial performance, HZL appears to be a company that has experienced growth and profitability, with a positive outlook for the future.

Although I like to stay away from Government based companies, I would still buy Hindustan Zinc shares for the dividend.