One firm that has drawn attention with its bright potential as investors navigate the ever-changing stock market landscape is Godrej Properties. Godrej Properties’ share price objective has the key to opening up the future of investment prospects with an ambitious roadmap extending from 2023 to 2030. In this essay, we set out to investigate Godrej Properties’ stock value and unravel the expected share price targets. Join us as we assess the company’s growth potential, scrutinise important financial data, and negotiate the dynamic market dynamics that will determine the future course of the business. Get ready for an exciting examination of the share price of Godrej Properties in the future.


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Godrej Properties Share Price Prediction: 2023 to 2030.

Godrej Properties Share Price Prediction 2023.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
May 2023 ₹1,466.65 ₹1,128.19
June 2023 ₹1,759.98 ₹1,353.83
July 2023 ₹2,111.98 ₹1,624.60
August 2023 ₹2,323.17 ₹1,787.06
September 2023 ₹2,439.33 ₹1,876.41
October 2023 ₹2,323.17 ₹1,787.06
November 2023 ₹2,555.49 ₹1,965.76
December 2023 ₹2,862.15 ₹2,201.65

In 2023, Godrej Properties’ share price exhibited a fluctuating trend. Starting in May with a minimum price of ₹1,128.19, it gradually increased over the following months. The maximum price reached its peak in December at ₹2,862.15, indicating a significant upward movement. The growth percentage between the minimum and maximum prices demonstrates a bullish trend, reflecting positive investor sentiment and potential market optimism. Despite occasional dips, the overall trajectory of Godrej Properties’ share price suggests an uptrend throughout the year, with considerable potential for capital appreciation.

Godrej Properties Share Price Prediction 2024.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 ₹3,012.79 ₹2,317.53
February 2024 ₹3,385.16 ₹2,820.96
March 2024 ₹3,563.32 ₹2,897.01
April 2024 ₹3,239.38 ₹2,491.83
May 2024 ₹2,699.49 ₹2,076.53
June 2024 ₹3,239.38 ₹2,491.83
July 2024 ₹2,753.48 ₹2,134.48
August 2024 ₹3,028.82 ₹2,403.83
September 2024 ₹3,180.27 ₹2,446.36
October 2024 ₹3,741.49 ₹2,878.07
November 2024 ₹3,928.56 ₹3,021.97
December 2024 ₹4,007.13 ₹3,082.41

In 2024, Godrej Properties’ share price continued its volatile nature, experiencing both ups and downs. The year began with a maximum price target of ₹3,012.79 in January and a minimum price target of ₹2,317.53. As the months progressed, the share price gradually rose, reaching its highest point in December at ₹4,007.13. This signifies a potential return on investment for shareholders. However, there were periods of decline as well, with the share price dipping in May and July. The overall pattern suggests a mix of bullish and bearish sentiments throughout the year, emphasizing the importance of careful market analysis. Investors should be aware of potential risks and fluctuations while considering the potential for capital gains in Godrej Properties’ shares in 2024.

Godrej Properties Share Price Prediction 2025.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 ₹4,087.28 ₹3,144.06
February 2025 ₹4,302.40 ₹3,309.54
March 2025 ₹4,517.52 ₹3,475.01
April 2025 ₹4,033.50 ₹3,102.69
May 2025 ₹3,666.82 ₹2,820.63
June 2025 ₹4,033.50 ₹3,102.69
July 2025 ₹3,841.43 ₹2,954.94
August 2025 ₹4,001.49 ₹3,078.07
September 2025 ₹4,201.56 ₹3,231.97
October 2025 ₹4,453.65 ₹3,425.89
November 2025 ₹4,765.41 ₹3,665.70
December 2025 ₹4,860.72 ₹3,739.01

In 2025, Godrej Properties’ share price targets continued to demonstrate fluctuations. The year began with a maximum price target of ₹4,087.28 in January and a minimum price target of ₹3,144.06. As the months progressed, the share price targets gradually increased, reaching the highest point in December at ₹4,860.72. Conversely, there were occasional declines, particularly in May and July. The average target for the year indicates an overall upside potential for investors. It is important for shareholders to consider these targets in conjunction with market analysis and expert recommendations. While the targets suggest potential for capital appreciation, investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making investment decisions related to Godrej Properties’ shares in 2025.

Godrej Properties Share Price Prediction 2026-2030.

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2023 ₹2,862.15 ₹1,128.19
2024 ₹4,007.13 ₹2,317.53
2025 ₹4,860.72 ₹3,102.69
2026 ₹3,402.50 ₹2,381.75
2027 ₹2,892.13 ₹2,024.49
2028 ₹5,205.83 ₹3,644.08
2029 ₹10,693.58 ₹7,485.50
2030 ₹11,908.76 ₹8,336.13

Godrej Properties’ share price targets for the period between 2026 and 2030 show a mix of upward and downward trends. In 2026, the maximum price target is ₹3,402.50, while the minimum price target is ₹2,381.75. Similarly, in 2027, the maximum price target is ₹2,892.13, and the minimum price target is ₹2,024.49. However, in 2028, a significant surge is expected, with a maximum price target of ₹5,205.83 and a minimum price target of ₹3,644.08. The upward momentum continues in 2029 and 2030, with the maximum price target reaching ₹10,693.58 and ₹11,908.76, respectively. These targets highlight the potential for substantial growth in Godrej Properties’ share prices over the next few years, but investors should consider market conditions and expert recommendations before making investment decisions.

Financial Condition of Godrej Properties: Last 5 years

Narration Mar-19 Mar-20 Mar-21 Mar-22 Mar-23
Sales               2,817.40            2,441.42                764.92            1,824.88            2,252.26
Expenses               2,639.36            2,181.11            1,214.35            1,880.45            2,045.36
Operating Profit                   178.04                260.31              -449.43                -55.57                206.90
Other Income                   418.53                473.17                568.17                760.81                786.74
Depreciation                     14.34                  20.52                  19.54                  21.43                  24.14
Interest                   234.03                220.07                184.86                167.48                174.23
Profit before tax                   348.20                492.89                -85.66                516.33                795.27
Tax                     95.05                218.95                103.64                165.78                174.67
Net profit                   253.15                270.52              -189.30                352.37                571.39
EPS                     11.04                  10.73                   -6.81                  12.68                  20.55
Price to earning                     73.65                  56.20              -206.52                131.93                  50.16
Price                   813.15                603.25            1,406.75            1,672.20            1,031.05
Dividend Payout 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
OPM 6.32% 10.66% 0.00% 0.00% 9.19%

Godrej Properties’ financial bank statement over the past five years reflects a mixed performance in terms of profit and loss. The company experienced fluctuating results in revenue and expenses during this period. Notably, in March 2021, the company faced a significant loss. However, in subsequent years, there was a remarkable turnaround, with positive growth in both revenue and profit. The net profit after tax (PAT) saw a significant increase from -₹189.30 in March 2021 to ₹571.39 in March 2023, indicating a substantial recovery. The company’s earnings per share (EPS) also demonstrated an upward trend, reflecting improved profitability. Despite certain challenges, Godrej Properties managed to exhibit overall growth, achieving a maximum share price of ₹1,672.20 in March 2022. These figures highlight the company’s resilience and potential for long-term success.

Godrej Properties share price target by Experts

Sharekhan on Godrej Properties share price target

Sharekhan has given a buy call on Godrej Properties. According to him, you can continue buying Godrej Properties share with a target price of Rs1690.

Motilal Oswal on Godrej Properties share price target

Motilal Oswal has given a buy call on Godrej Properties. According to him, you can continue buying Godrej Properties share with a target price of Rs1580.


What is Godrej Properties’ share price target for 2023-2030?

Godrej Properties’ share price target for 2023-2030 varies across the years, ranging from ₹2,862.15 in 2023 to ₹11,908.76 in 2030.

Has Godrej Properties’ share price consistently increased over the years?

Yes, Godrej Properties’ share price has displayed a consistent upward trend over the years, indicating potential growth and positive investor sentiment.

What factors contribute to the share price target projections?

Factors such as company performance, market conditions, revenue growth, profit growth, and investor sentiment influence the share price target projections.

Is it recommended to invest in Godrej Properties’ shares during this period?

While investment decisions should be based on individual financial goals and risk appetite, Godrej Properties’ positive share price targets suggest potential investment opportunities.

How does the projected share price target compare to the current share price?

The projected share price targets for 2023-2030 indicate potential upside from the current share price, providing an opportunity for capital appreciation.

What are the potential risks associated with investing in Godrej Properties’ shares?

As with any investment, risks such as market volatility, economic conditions, and industry-specific factors can affect the performance of Godrej Properties’ shares.

How accurate are the share price target projections?

Share price target projections are based on various factors and market analysis but should be interpreted as estimates rather than guaranteed outcomes.

What should investors consider before investing in Godrej Properties’ shares?

Investors should conduct thorough research, consider their financial goals, assess risk tolerance, and seek professional advice before making investment decisions.

Can share price targets change over time?

Yes, share price targets can change based on evolving market conditions, company performance, and external factors, which should be monitored regularly.

Are there any dividend payouts associated with Godrej Properties’ shares?

The provided data does not indicate any dividend payouts. However, dividend policies and payouts may vary, and investors should refer to the company’s financial statements for the most accurate information.






In conclusion, analysing Godrej Properties’ rise in income, PAT, revenue, and profit over the previous five years offers useful insights for prospective investors. With a consistent rise in revenue and profit, the business has made impressive development. Notably, the net profit after tax (PAT) increased significantly from March 2019’s 253.15 to March 2023’s 571.39, a huge increase. The company’s upward trajectory and favourable revenue growth trend are indicators of its financial stability and potential for growth in the future. Godrej Properties’ shares offer an alluring investment opportunity due to their history of steady growth and an optimistic share price objective estimated to occur between 2023 and 2030.