Cardano Ecosystem: What Projects are getting Built on Cardano?

Cardano, a revolutionary proof-of-stake blockchain platform, stands at the forefront of positive global change. Tailored for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, Cardano offers robust tools and technologies rooted in peer-reviewed research. This evidence-based approach ensures unparalleled security and sustainability for decentralized applications and societies. By redistributing power from centralized entities to individuals, Cardano aims to create a world that works better for all. With a dedicated team of engineers, the platform serves as a catalyst for progress and empowerment, embodying a vision where technology becomes a force for inclusivity and positive transformation. Join Cardano to develop, govern, operate, and discover new possibilities.


Top Projects on Cardano Ecosystem


Meld is a versatile tool facilitating file, directory, and version control project comparisons. With support for two- and three-way comparisons, it enhances code review by visualizing changes in files and directories. Ideal for understanding patches and unraveling merges, Meld aids users in navigating modifications and performing operations on change blocks. It features live comparison updates, simple text filtering, and efficient three-way merge assistance with conflict handling. Meld is available for Linux/Unix distributions, accessible on Flathub, and provides an MSI for Windows users. While not yet supported on macOS, third-party binaries and installation through Homebrew, MacPorts, or Fink are available.


SundaeSwap stands out as the premier automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Cardano blockchain. Offering a secure platform, users can seamlessly swap, stake, and farm assets. Boasting impressive metrics, including over 20 million ADA in liquidity, 100,000 connected wallets, and 400 million ADA traded, SundaeSwap has processed 850,000 orders. The protocol’s governance is in the hands of SUNDAE token holders globally, engaging in discussions and voting through the Governance Forum and Portal. SundaeSwap empowers developers with tools like the Sundae SDK, Ogmigo, Sundae Wallet React, and Kugo to contribute to the decentralized future.

Liqwid Finance

Liqwid Finance, a leading liquidity protocol on the Cardano blockchain, offers a comprehensive ecosystem for users. With a total value locked exceeding $35 million, Liqwid enables qADA holders to earn interest and Cardano staking rewards through liquid staking. Borrowing assets against qToken balances is seamless, with no trading fees or slippage. Liqwid’s Plutus smart contracts have undergone a rigorous audit by Vacuumlabs, ensuring security. Users can stake LQ in the Liqwid governance portal, gaining voting power and staking rewards. The Aquafarmers collection of 10,000 NFTs on Cardano provides additional benefits, offering bonuses on staking rewards for LiqwidDAO participants.


Cornucopias introduces the File Node in its quest to revolutionize gaming experiences. This innovative node, part of Cornucopias’ decentralized ecosystem, breaks large game files into manageable “chunks,” ensuring faster and more stable downloads. Aspiring node operators can participate in the File Node’s access key sale. Cornucopias, an MMORPG developed in Unreal Engine 5, offers a vast open-world where player-driven economies thrive. Explore the game’s unique features, challenge others in mini-games, and uncover the mysteries beyond the floating domes. With a growing community, digital asset ownership, and a commitment to real-world impact through COPI Cares, Cornucopias presents a cutting-edge gaming frontier.

Ape Society

The Ape Society introduces a unique concept where each Ape possesses an individual name, fostering a deeper connection with its holder. With 35 distinct families, each led by a reigning King, the Society categorizes Ape holders into 7 different classes, including Craftsmen, Artists, and de’ Medici. These classes offer personalized benefits based on the holder’s DeFi participation. The introduction of 11 Landmarks adds utility for $SOCIETY, treated as standalone projects with high standards. The COTAS collection, consisting of 10,000 passports on the Cardano Blockchain, facilitates cross-chain operability and provides holders benefits across Landmarks using Stamps. Certified holders enjoy unique advantages in both team-supported and community-run environments.


Pavia invites builders to explore a world of endless possibilities in the metaverse. As a single-instance world with a thriving community, Pavia is a utopian virtual future shaped by early settlers and creators. Join the discord community to be part of the journey. Pavia emphasizes fun and rewards for gamers, catering to social, casual, and hyper-competitive players. The high life in Pavia offers various opportunities for landowners, creators, and visitors to earn tokens and exclusive NFTs, fostering a real-world positive impact. The roadmap guides the development, and though all 100,000 plots are sold, becoming a landowner is still possible through


Cardania presents a cutting-edge blockchain strategy game available for immediate play. Players have true ownership of in-game assets, enhancing the gaming experience. Engage in battles for one of the seven distinct factions, explore mysterious anomalies, and win unique on-chain prizes. The game involves strategic warfare, earning experience points, and collecting resources to strengthen your position. Join the Cardania community on Discord for an immersive gaming experience. Explore innovative blockchain land with Cardania Terraforms available on The Ultraverse 1st Ed. Cards offer an exciting addition to the game. Get ready to conquer in the dynamic world of Cardania.

Cardano Warrior

Cardano Warriors emerged from a passion for video games, technology, and a commitment to make a meaningful impact in the early stages of Cardano’s NFT projects. In its initial phase, the project introduced a unique and exclusive art collection inspired by the Golden Era of console RPG video games, contributing to the NFT economy. Now, the team is dedicated to enhancing the collection and transforming Cardano Warriors into an exploration and adventure game with RPG elements on the Cardano blockchain. With a team of experienced Brazilian developers, they are poised to deliver an exceptional project, ushering in a new phase of gaming excitement. Explore more on their website and Twitter.


API3’s dAPIs (Data APIs) provide aggregated data from first-party oracles directly on the native blockchain, eliminating the need for cross-chain bridges and reducing the risk of centralized failures in decentralized applications (dApps). The dAPIs source data directly from providers, enhancing reliability and transparency. Operating on various networks, including Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Avalanche, and more, API3’s data feeds offer native-chain aggregated price reference data for over 140 assets. Additionally, API3 provides a quantum mechanics-derived random number generator (QRNG) and Web3 APIs for developers prioritizing security, transparency, and accuracy in their decentralized applications. Explore API3’s services and documentation for secure data solutions.


Charli3 stands as the leading decentralized oracle solution designed for the Cardano blockchain’s Plutus backend. Leveraging a Cardano-native approach, Charli3 addresses scalability issues seen in Ethereum-based oracles by providing a faster, cost-effective, and secure blockchain infrastructure. As the first decentralized oracle network on Cardano, Charli3 integrates off-chain data securely for on-chain use cases. With vetted node consensus, low congestion oracle feeds, and trustless data streams, Charli3 ensures reliable and accurate transactions. Notably, Charli3 offers free community oracle feeds, subsidizing costs for Cardano ecosystem projects, and collaborates with integrators to strengthen its ecosystem. Explore Charli3’s features and partnerships for a trusted oracle solution.


The Cardano ecosystem is witnessing a vibrant surge of innovative projects, reflecting a diverse range of applications and solutions. From decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and gaming ventures to oracle solutions and blockchain infrastructure development, Cardano’s open and collaborative environment fosters groundbreaking initiatives.

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