Top 10 Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, have surged in popularity, disrupting traditional payment systems. Major players like Tesla have embraced this financial evolution by accepting cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin for their products. The direct peer-to-peer transactions from one crypto wallet to another signify a revolutionary shift in the way we perceive and conduct financial transactions. It’s safe to say that the future of payments is being reshaped by the ascendancy of cryptocurrencies.

Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways

As the crypto wave continues to sweep across industries, the need for efficient and reliable payment gateways has become paramount. In this context, exploring the top 10 best Bitcoin payment gateways is crucial for anyone navigating the world of digital currencies. These gateways serve as the conduits that facilitate secure and seamless transactions, connecting consumers and merchants in the burgeoning realm of crypto payments.


What is a Bitcoin gateway?

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin stands as one among many digital currencies existing independently of any country, treasury, or central bank. Operating on a decentralized network called a “blockchain,” Bitcoin transactions undergo validation by the entire network every time they occur.

Similar to how a bank processing gateway is essential for handling traditional fiat currencies, the world of cryptocurrencies requires online bitcoin payment gateways to manage these digital transactions. Bitcoin payment gateways, also known as settlement gateways, serve as conduits for the seamless transfer of funds through credit cards, ATM cards, and bank transfers. These gateways play a pivotal role in facilitating swift and secure transactions on websites. Additionally, they handle the processing of deposits and withdrawals of bitcoin funds, ensuring the smooth settlement of bitcoin transactions in the online space.

Let’s delve into the landscape of these payment gateways, understanding their features, security, and the ease they bring to the process of accepting and making cryptocurrency payments.


Known as the largest Bitcoin exchange in the United States and a major player on the global cryptocurrency stage, Coinbase boasts an extensive user base that allows it to introduce impressive features for user convenience.

Headquartered in the United States, Coinbase diligently adheres to all U.S. laws governing currency exchanges. This commitment to compliance positions Coinbase as one of the most reliable exchanges in an industry that, for the most part, lacks comprehensive regulation.

Aside from serving as a traditional exchange, Coinbase functions as a versatile payment gateway. It streamlines the process of converting Bitcoin to fiat currency instantly, eliminating the need for merchants to initiate withdrawal requests. Noteworthy is Coinbase’s commitment to providing this service free of charge for the first $1 million in transactions, after which a modest 1% merchant fee is applied.

Coinbase offers a feasible option for businesses of different scales, given its payment clearing times of 2 to 3 days. Nonetheless, it’s essential to recognize that Coinbase’s operations are restricted to a select number of countries globally, posing a potential limitation for businesses aiming for a more extensive international presence.


Coingate presents a highly user-friendly application tailored for merchants, offering an efficient means to set up and oversee payments directly from their smartphones. This accessibility is complemented by its support for an impressive array of around 40 different cryptocurrencies. By integrating with Coingate, merchants can significantly expand their spectrum of accepted payment methods, providing customers with diverse crypto-based options effortlessly.

Moreover, Coingate’s appeal extends beyond its mobile interface. The platform offers an assortment of plugins and empowers users to generate bitcoin payment buttons on any website. This level of adaptability allows merchants to fine-tune the payment process to suit their unique preferences and business requirements.

Coingate operates on a straightforward fee structure, imposing a reasonable 1% fee on all transactions. This transparent approach ensures merchants have clarity regarding their costs, aiding in accurate financial planning and management.

When it comes to transaction speed, Coingate typically processes payments within an hour. This swift turnaround time is advantageous for merchants seeking efficiency in their financial activities, enabling them to manage transactions promptly.

The platform’s innovative approach, reflected in its range of plugins and the provision for creating bitcoin payment buttons, underscores Coingate’s commitment to advancing cryptocurrency payment gateways. These additional features contribute to a comprehensive and customizable experience, catering to the evolving needs of merchants navigating the realm of digital payments.


CoinsBank emerges as a user-friendly bitcoin payment processor, earning a solid reputation within the industry. What sets it apart is its accessibility, available on mobile platforms through free-to-download apps for both Android and iOS users.

One of the standout features of this bitcoin gateway is its broad support for major fiat currencies, including USD, GBP, and EUR. The app streamlines the user experience with a one-click instant deposit and withdrawal feature, a particularly valuable asset for those engaged in substantial trading volumes.

CoinsBank goes beyond transactional convenience by allowing free currency transfers to family and friends around the clock. Notably, all transactions occur at live market rates, providing users with enhanced control over their financial transactions. This real-time pricing feature is especially advantageous for traders who seek to optimize their positions and may face limitations with platforms using open/close/mid-market rates exclusively.

Security remains a top priority for CoinsBank, incorporating the latest measures, including a robust two-factor authentication system. This ensures the safeguarding of users’ wallets, instilling confidence in the platform’s commitment to protecting digital assets.

In the realm of customer support, CoinsBank doesn’t fall short. A 24-hour customer support system is in place, ready to assist users in resolving any issues that may arise. This commitment to user assistance adds an extra layer of reliability to the overall CoinsBank experience.


Recognized as one of the premier payment processors for Bitcoin, AlfaCoins stands out with a distinctive feature—allowing payments to be split between fiat and cryptocurrency. This unique capability is particularly advantageous for merchants who prefer to retain a portion of Bitcoin from each transaction, providing a strategic hedge against fluctuating prices without exposing the entire amount to market volatility.

While AlfaCoins boasts a slightly lower transaction fee of 0.99%, it deviates from Coinbase’s model by not offering the $1 million worth of free transactions. Nevertheless, AlfaCoins compensates by not imposing additional fees for installing the bitcoin payment system, and it operates on a subscription-free model. An additional perk is its global accessibility, being usable in any country except for Iran and North Korea. Furthermore, AlfaCoins allows funds to be withdrawn in either USD or Euro, adding to its flexibility.

In essence, AlfaCoins presents a compelling option for merchants seeking a nuanced approach to cryptocurrency transactions, combining affordability, flexibility, and global reach in a single payment processing solution.


Shopify stands as one of the most reputable and effective cryptocurrency payment gateways globally, earning the trust of thousands of merchants worldwide who leverage its capabilities for seamless bitcoin transactions.

Setting up on Shopify is a breeze, and the platform offers robust customer service support for any assistance needed along the way. With a plethora of beneficial features, including APIs facilitating integration with platforms like Coinbase and other payment gateways, Shopify prioritizes making payment processing not only straightforward but also transparent.

Despite its merits, it’s essential to note that using the payment processing facility on Shopify requires merchants to sign up for a Shopify merchant account. The platform’s transaction fees vary, contingent upon the choice of payment processor selected by the merchant. Overall, Shopify remains a go-to solution for merchants seeking a reliable and feature-rich avenue for processing cryptocurrency payments.


BitPay introduces a standout feature that allows users to tailor withdrawal transaction speeds according to their specific needs. This flexibility proves especially beneficial for merchants who prefer or require withdrawals to occur at predetermined intervals. Adding to its security measures, BitPay incorporates a two-factor authentication feature, enhancing the overall protection of user accounts.

The simplicity and user-friendliness of BitPay make it an accessible payment gateway for merchants, particularly those who may not possess extensive technical expertise. The streamlined setup process is designed to be straightforward, ensuring a smooth operational experience for users with varying tech backgrounds.

For small businesses and startups, BitPay offers a notable advantage with a free cap of $1,000 worth of daily transactions and $10,000 for annual transactions before a modest 1% transaction fee is applied. This fee structure positions BitPay as an attractive choice for emerging enterprises. However, it’s worth noting that BitPay’s support for direct bank deposits is currently limited to 38 countries, potentially restricting accessibility for businesses located outside this list.


GoCoin has gained widespread affection from developers worldwide, primarily due to its provision of a simple and user-friendly API. Developers appreciate the straightforward integration process, making it a favoured choice in the global development community. GoCoin’s compatibility extends to various online shopping platforms, including popular ones like Shopify.

Renowned for its exceptional customer service, GoCoin stands out as a cryptocurrency payment gateway. It facilitates payouts in USD and maintains a transparent fee structure, charging a flat 1% fee on all transactions. The accessibility factor is enhanced by GoCoin’s widespread support, covering all but a handful of countries globally. This broad reach positions GoCoin as an attractive and user-friendly option for merchants seeking reliable cryptocurrency payment solutions across the world.


For merchants on the lookout for the most cost-effective transaction fees, BitcoinPay emerges as one of the top choices among bitcoin payment gateways. With a minimal charge of just 0.8% on all transactions, it stands out as the most economical option in this category.

Despite its competitive pricing, BitcoinPay doesn’t compromise on transaction speed. It ensures super-fast withdrawals, with funds becoming available within seconds. The versatility of this payment gateway is evident in its support for payments to bitcoin wallets, other e-wallets, and bank accounts, making it a preferred choice for merchants deeply invested in the world of cryptocurrencies.

In addition to its affordability and speed, BitcoinPay provides merchants with clear and comprehensive reports. This feature proves invaluable for small business owners who need to review completed transactions manually. Furthermore, BitcoinPay has expanded its reach by offering plugins for various shopping platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, ensuring seamless integration for merchants across different e-commerce environments.


For businesses seeking a solution on how to accept Bitcoin without relying on a bank account, GoURL emerges as an excellent choice. This platform seamlessly collaborates with major bitcoin wallets and is compatible with bitcoin debit cards like the one provided by BitPay, ensuring a high level of anonymity—a feature highly valued by many bitcoin users.

Notably, GoURL’s WordPress plugin has earned significant acclaim, positioning it as one of the best payment gateway plugins for the platform. The platform’s commitment to user-friendly experiences is further reflected in its clear payment breakdowns, simplifying order management. Transactions on GoURL are not only rapid, with payments received within 30 seconds, but also highly reliable. Another standout feature is the option for merchants to set up 1-click payments on their sites using Monetiser Online.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. GoURL lacks support for direct bank transfers, which might prove frustrating for some businesses. Additionally, the platform’s fees are relatively high compared to other options on this list. GoURL charges a 1.5% fee on all website payments and 3.5% for utilizing Monetiser Online. Given that these fees are comparable to credit card fees, the decision to opt for GoURL might not solely be driven by a desire to save costs.


One of SpicePay’s distinctive features is its ability to cater to merchants seeking versatile withdrawal options for their bitcoin payments. Beyond standard bank transfers, SpicePay allows withdrawals through PayPal and debit cards, providing flexibility based on the merchant’s preferences. The option to withdraw in either USD or Euro adds an additional layer of convenience.

While the processing speed for Euro payments may not match some of the faster exchanges, taking up to 24 hours, SpicePay maintains a straightforward fee structure. It charges a flat rate of

1% on all transactions, and new merchants benefit from a limited-time offer of free transactions.
In comparison to other payment gateways on this list, SpicePay may not be the top choice for all merchants, as it lacks certain advantageous features. However, if your business heavily relies on PayPal, SpicePay presents itself as a viable platform worth considering for its unique withdrawal options and compatibility with debit cards.

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What steps can I take to incorporate a Bitcoin gateway into my application?

There are various approaches to achieve this integration. Some businesses choose to utilize third-party Bitcoin gateway APIs, while others opt for the development of custom software designed to meet their unique needs.

What are some good Bitcoin gateway APIs?

There are numerous reliable Bitcoin gateway APIs available. Two examples include and CoinGate, which are well-regarded options in the market.

How much does it cost to build a payment gateway?

The cost of building a payment gateway varies depending on factors such as the desired features. Generally, it can range between $200,000 to $250,000 to create a fully functional crypto gateway.

How can I receive payments in crypto?

To start receiving payments in cryptocurrency, you first need to sign up with a crypto payment gateway. After that, integrate the chosen gateway with your website or app, and you’ll be all set to accept crypto payments seamlessly.


Navigating the realm of Bitcoin payment gateways involves a strategic two-step process for businesses. The initial step entails identifying the most suitable gateway and understanding the necessary plugins for integration. Delving deeper, businesses must carefully assess platform features, emphasising aspects like direct bank deposits, fiat withdrawals, operational countries, transaction fees, and any additional perks offered.

Once shortlisted, the final selection should be made based on comprehensive reviews, focusing on reliability, security, and trustworthiness. This meticulous approach ensures that businesses not only choose the best Bitcoin payment gateway for their specific needs but also forge a secure and dependable pathway for cryptocurrency transactions within their operations.