Base Ecosystem: What Projects are getting Built on Base?

The Base ecosystem hosts a diverse range of apps and integrations, spanning decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, infrastructure, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and more. Notable projects include 0x, offering a platform for building financial products on crypto rails, Aave Protocol for non-custodial liquidity, and Across Protocol, a leading cross-chain token bridge. Alien Base stands out as the Base-native decentralized exchange ecosystem, allowing users to trade assets and derivatives. The ecosystem’s rich offerings cater to various needs, making it a vibrant hub for innovation and collaboration.


Top Projects on Base ecosystem

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet is a self-custody crypto wallet, accessible as a browser extension and a mobile app on Android and iOS. Offering compatibility with all EVM-compatible L1/L2 networks, support for NFTs, and a multi-platform approach, Coinbase Wallet stands as a versatile solution. Integration options for web applications include the Injected provider, connecting via the Coinbase Wallet browser extension, and utilizing the Coinbase Wallet SDK, an open-source tool facilitating connectivity with millions of users. For mobile applications, developers can seamlessly integrate Coinbase Wallet using the Mobile SDK, available for iOS, Android, React Native, and Flutter platforms, empowering users with secure and user-friendly crypto management.

XDEFI Wallet

XDEFI Wallet stands out as the ultimate multichain wallet, seamlessly connecting users to dApps across Ethereum, Cosmos, BSC, Polygon, Solana, Bitcoin, and more. With support for over 200 chains, including EVM and Cosmos networks, XDEFI offers a comprehensive solution. Users can store, swap, and connect with ease, enjoying the convenience of managing assets from various chains in one unified interface. The wallet supports Ledger and Trezor for enhanced security, and its user-friendly features include instant wallet imports, access to a multitude of dApps, and swift token swaps through leading DEXs. Backed by notable investors, XDEFI ensures a secure and efficient crypto experience.


Zerion introduces a revolutionary crypto wallet designed for the new internet, supporting every DApp, asset, and chain in the crypto space. With a browser-first approach, it provides a seamless experience for users, displaying tokens, DeFi positions, NFT collections, and transaction history across major networks in human-readable language. The wallet is multichain by default, enabling users to effortlessly switch between networks, access the best trade deals, and manage every token, staked asset, and NFT without losing track. Zerion ensures security, supporting Ledger connectivity, and boasts a community of over 125,000 members. It’s the wallet for Web3 citizens, providing accessibility across browsers and mobile platforms.


Zapper’s integration initiative, launched in May 2022, aims to streamline the process of exposing various app and protocol integrations within the rapidly expanding Web3 ecosystem. Recognizing the growth challenges and seeking to involve the knowledgeable developers of Web3 applications, Zapper transitioned to a collaborative model. The community, along with internal and external developers, can now contribute by forking the Studio repository on GitHub, writing integrations using Zapper’s provided SDK, and submitting pull requests. The Zapper team reviews, merges, and releases the changes, allowing for a more dynamic and community-driven expansion of Zapper’s capabilities. Contributors should be familiar with Git, TypeScript, Ethers.js, and NestJS.


IntentX is shaping the future of decentralized derivatives by redefining on-chain trading through its innovative Intent-Based Architecture. Traders can access a cutting-edge trading experience with over 180 perpetual futures contracts featuring low fees, deep liquidity, and leverage of up to 60x. The platform prioritizes user confidence with market-tested practices, eliminating external risks and oracles, ensuring a wide asset range, and delivering capital efficiency. IntentX stands out with its secure and decentralized nature, leveraging blockchain security for self-custody, permissionless, and trustless trading. The multi-chain trading platform employs LayerZero technology for seamless cross-chain deployment. Users can expect upcoming features, including enhanced security, fiat on and off-ramps, and account abstraction.

Beefy Finance

Beefy is a multichain yield optimizer providing users with the opportunity to earn the highest APYs across 20 different chains while prioritizing safety and efficiency. Users can participate in Beefy’s ecosystem by staking their tokens in single asset Vaults, where Beefy efficiently stakes the tokens on external interest-bearing platforms, reinvests the earned interest, and autocompounds the process regularly. With a diverse range of featured Vaults, Beefy offers options like USDT LP, Ethereum Triplets, tBTC-WETH, OP-ETH vLP V2, TriCryptoUSDC, and USDCe. The ecosystem boasts a total value locked (TVL) of $188.78 million across 603 Vaults on 20 chains. The native token, $BIFI, enables users to share in revenue, participate in governance, and engage in various earning pools. The fixed supply of 80,000 BIFI ensures control against token inflation. Explore Beefy’s ecosystem, earn BIFI, vote in governance, and stay updated with the latest news.


Matcha, developed by 0x, stands out as a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator. Offering efficient trade execution through smart routing and aggregating liquidity from 100+ sources. With over 4 million tokens indexed across 9 blockchains. Matcha has facilitated $62 billion and 3.5 million+ trades, establishing itself as a leading consumer-facing product from the 0x team. Founded in 2017, 0x has made substantial technical contributions to the blockchain space. Including the ERC721 NFT token standard and Wrapped Ether (WETH). With $109 million raised up to Series B from investors like Pantera Capital, Greylock, Coinbase, and Jump. Matcha provides users with seamless token swapping experiences on the Base network, ensuring quick and secure transactions.


Sushi is a versatile token utilized across various blockchain networks. This is serving as the primary currency for the decentralized exchange (DEX) called SushiSwap. Functioning as a peer-to-peer platform, SushiSwap enables direct transactions between cryptocurrency traders. Currently ranked as the 142nd-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. SushiSwap has a total token supply of 250 million, with 242 million tokens already in circulation. The token’s value has experienced notable fluctuations, reaching a peak of over $20 per coin and recently declining to below $2. SushiSwap’s decentralized exchange facilitates the swapping of 11,700 currency pairs, offering users a diverse range of virtual currency options.


Uniswap, a leading decentralized crypto trading protocol, boasts a substantial impact on the digital financial landscape. With a trade volume surpassing $489 billion and over 71 million all-time trades. The Uniswap ecosystem flourishes with 300+ integrations and 4,400+ community delegates, fostering collaboration among developers, traders, and liquidity providers. For developers, Uniswap offers powerful tools and resources to build DeFi applications. Including comprehensive documentation and an open-source codebase. The protocol’s governance is community-driven, with UNI token holders participating in decision-making through proposals and voting. Additionally, Uniswap’s Grants Program provides funding for innovative projects contributing to the future of finance.


ParaSwap, a leading DeFi aggregator, offers a unified interface and APIs. That bring together the liquidity of decentralized exchanges and lending protocols. With a mission to drive DeFi participation, ParaSwap provides secure, intelligent, and optimized trading solutions for both individuals and institutional traders. The protocol supports multiple blockchains. Including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Optimism. ParaSwap integrates 100+ protocols across these chains, utilizing advanced charts, on-chain RFQ (Request for Quotes), and a yield optimizer. The platform has processed over 50 billion in total volume, boasts 120+ integrations, and operates on seven active blockchains, facilitating 14 million trades.


In conclusion, the Base Ecosystem has become a vibrant hub for decentralized innovation. Also for hosting a diverse range of projects spanning DeFi, gaming, infrastructure, and more. With an extensive lineup of apps and integrations, Base offers users a rich and interconnected experience across various sectors. From established names like 0x and Aave to emerging projects like Charli3 and API3. The ecosystem demonstrates a commitment to security, transparency, and user-centric development.

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